urban chickens: A Grand ol' Night For Urban Chickens in Salem, Oregon... Come See What all the Cluck's About... - 04/08/10 03:17 PM

By now, most of my Active Rain friends know I'm all about green and all about sustainability and of course, all about the Urban Chicken Movement.  If you don't get "Why chickens?"...come see the movie and find out more. What is very interesting about this whole thing is that one of the darkest villians in the above film, has had a change of heart. Where before he couldn't wrap his brain around the urban chicken movement, he decided to be a big man and watch the film. So now, Mr. Chuck Bennett will actually be at the above event this … (6 comments)

urban chickens: Feathered Garbage Disposals - Don't Throw it Out, Chicken Out! - 02/26/10 05:57 PM
The Chicken Revolution has been sweeping the nation and I have been on the front lines in Salem, Oregon attempting to get urban chickens legalized in our community.
Chickens are amazing creatures and many people around the nation have discovered the wonders, joys and benefits of having a few good hens in their backyards.
One of the most amazing things about urban chickens is that you will have very little food waste because chicken get excited about eating practically anything. My friends keep their chicken vegetarian and don't feet them meat scraps...but any other type of food is fair game.
As … (3 comments)

urban chickens: Salem, OR... Public Hearing on Urban Chicken Keeping on May 26, at City Hall - 05/14/09 07:47 PM
C.I.T.Y. - Chickens In The Yard was on the agenda at the Salem City Council meeting for the first time on Monday, May 11th, 2009. We asked that the issue of urban chicken keeping be addressed in a pubic hearing and a motion was passed. The public hearing will be held on May 26, 2009 at City Hall in Salem.
City staff came back with the following recommendations for a proposed ordinance which includes the following:
No roosters to be allowed. No more than three hens allowed on a property. Minimum lot size to be 10,000 feet. Chicken coops permitted in … (0 comments)

urban chickens: Chickens Do Not Reduce Property Values - 05/10/09 03:43 PM
One of the arguments against allowing backyard hens is that chickens kept within city limits will cause a reduction in property values.
This simply isn't so. Many cities across the nation already allow backyard hens. Real estate statistics show that property values in these cities have gained over the years. (It has only been since the current mortgage crisis that value have begun to decline and this has occurred whether a city allows chickens or not.)
In Corvallis, there is no limit to the number of hens you can keep in your backyard, yet the average sale price there is $230,436 … (4 comments)

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