purchasing: Don't be afraid of the unknown. - 05/26/17 07:58 AM
Statistics say that most people renting feel they cannot qualify to own their own home. That is not true. There are many programs that can help those renting get into a home with very little down and more often than not the house payment will be less than their current rent payment.
If buyers have employment, some savings (You dont have to have 20% down), and established credit
(It does not have to be perfect) there are programs available. Find  clients that are renting & get them pre-approved. Though there is a lack of inventory at this moment, you know as well as I that when … (0 comments)

purchasing: Are you saving money or are you just throwing it down the drain? - 02/01/12 08:33 AM
 The first Part of being pre-approved for a future mortgage is making sure your
 credit is the best it can be when you get pre-approved. It just makes sense that
 if you have higher credit scores, you will pay a lower interest rate on your
mortgage loan and will have to put less down. Checkout the Fair Isaac's
consumer website athttp://www.myfico.com. There is a mortgage payment
calculator that is updated constantly to show you how your FICO score can
affect interest rates. Check it out and save money today. You can save
thousands of dollars over the course of 30 years.

purchasing: Some banks are now creating their own guideline to the 90 Day Flipping Wavier. Beware if you have one. - 03/19/10 06:55 AM
We have just seen a change that some of the banks are enforcing.
The FHA flipping rule that went into affect on 2/1/2010 states that if a seller lists and sells a house before 90 days of him purchasing the property and he sells it for over 20% of the seller's acquisition cost. The bank will require 2 appraisals as well as an inspection of the property. We just complete one and it did go well.
However, be aware that some banks starting Monday 3/22/2010 will not accept a purchase agreement with a sales price of more than 20% of … (1 comments)

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