mortgage market: HVCC know what it isa before may 1st... - 04/24/09 05:25 AM
Home Valuation Code of Conduct
A uniform code for appraiser that requires them to go through a clearinghouse orders and to get paid.  The code would require an independent appraiser to go and join an AMC  to get orders and work.  This will eliminate independent appraisers overnight.
I am interested in any ones thoughts on this topic and how they think it will effect there business.

mortgage market: Historical Chart of 30 yr fixed and Prime Rate going back to 1963 - For all those who think rates are not going up, think again... - 10/29/08 03:16 AM

This chart shows why rates are going to go up and possible where they are headed.  If rates are cyclical then this chart should provide some clarity as to where rates are head in the short term.  The one thing this chart doesn't reflect is that I believe that 30yr rates will start to act on there own away from the prime rate.  In the future the 30 yr rate will not pair itself with the prime rate.  This is due to factors effecting 30 yr rates that do not have a sever and direct effect on the prime rate.  There … (4 comments)

mortgage market: Rates are going up... - 10/27/08 09:32 AM
FHA @ 7% today
30 YR Fixed just priced one out @ 6.75 and the credit was excellent
A little forwarning trying and warm your clients up to the idea that rates are going to get worse and will continue to for some unkown amount of time.  This idea of low rates spurring growth is way to late in the game to make a difference so the long postiton on rates is that once we realize growth will no longer be fueled by low rates, they will begin to rise as the market starts to stabilize the right way...Rewarding risk with return … (7 comments)

mortgage market: Covered Bonds...America will folow Europes way of doing loans... - 07/28/08 08:10 AM
As I am sure you are awre the financial markets are trying to find ways to stabilize the housing market.  The answer our federal government has come up with is to steal the current system that Europe uses right now.  It is call a double backed covered bond.  It will be the new coke for American lenders...  More info to follow so stayed tuned and I will explain in more detail late in the week...