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A photograph taken by Propertyshoot Photography has been chosen No 1 in a monthly contest run by, a blog site dedicated to improving standards in real estate photography. The group's members number over 2000 and include both professional and aspiring real estate photo...
I've recently taken possession of a wider angle lens (18mm in film terms) and a portable pole that will elevate my camera up to 20 ft - very useful for shooting property exteriors from the bottom of a sloping driveway, or if blocked by fences and hedges. Hangloosa Property Noosa, a boutique Real ...
With business picking up it just seemed right to plow back some money into new equipment. First up was a wider angle lens - the well-reviewed Tokina 12-24mm. My previous widest setting was 18mm, so the new purchase embraces a significantly wider view, giving me cropping options while still retain...
I know I'm biased, but of all the marketing efforts in which an agent could invest, decent photography must rank at the top. RE advertising uses visual media; internet, newspaper, signboard, in-house magazine. I don’t remember the last time I heard a home advertised on the radio! Photos are a ver...
OK - enough already. Sure we need the dams full but the recent weeks of wet overcast weather are affecting business. Sunshine Coast indeed! Actually, a less than stellar day makes interior photography easier - less need to brighten the interior on order to match any window views. And when you car...
I suggest dividing the features into two groups, which for the lack of better names at the moment I'll call form & function. Form - the overall LOOK of the photo, it's visual appeal. To a certain extent this is going to be a personal thing. I'll concentrate on interior photos. Let's face it, It's...
Last time I looked, shopping for real estate on the Sunshine Coast seemed largely a visual activity. What would be the affect on the number of property enquiries received by RE agencies if all the photos were removed from RE web sites, newspapers and glossy RE mags? The answer seems obvious, but ...
The state of real estate photography on the Sunshine Coast, at least for high-end homes, is quite good. Although there are an abundance of photographers and a wealth of real estate, the general reluctance of agents to use professional photographers in all but the high-end homes means that there i...

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