property management: Why You Can Trust Key Partners Property Management - 02/05/18 11:55 AM
When you’re looking for property management companies in Kansas City, you have a lot of choices. It’s important to find professional managers who have the experience, reputation, and knowledge to help you succeed with your investments. Today, we’re sharing just a few reasons to trust your rental property with Key Partners Property Management. 
KC Property Management Experience: Leasing
Our team has experience managing all aspects of your property. It starts with tenant placement. We take the time to locate and screen high quality tenants so we know exactly who we’re renting to. Our intense internet marketing efforts result in a lot of tenant … (0 comments)

property management: Let's Own Rental Property! - 07/21/16 07:21 AM
There are at least two kinds of landlords. The most obvious is the investor landlord.  But often homeowners find themselves a landlord through a different route. Maybe they’ve inherited a property, found a great buy or decided to rent out their own home because the sales market is not strong enough. 
For the new real estate investor, there is much more to consider than how much rent you can charge or how to find a tenant. Rental property ownership can offer different kinds of financial and other benefits: Here are a few key points to consider
Property appreciation and passive income wealth building: 

property management: Managing Your Own Properties-A Big Mistake? - 05/11/16 02:59 AM
Being a landlord may seem natural for some owners or investors.   
Based on personal experience, what I can’t stress enough is this could be the single worst decision a lot of people make.  Once you talk to other owners/investors who’ve tried it, you may or may not understand exactly how much work, effort, stress and hours go into managing your own property or properties.
Managing a property without the help of a professional management company can and probably will consume much of your time, and it is not worth it.  Most companies charge 5 to 10% per month.  National Property Management charges … (0 comments)

property management: Checklist for hiring the RIGHT property manger. - 03/22/16 02:44 AM
There are Many Benefits to Using the RIGHT Property Management Company!
A competent property manager like National Property Management Group will add significant value to your investment, most real estate investors will tell you that a good management company is worth their weight in gold.  What happens if you hire the wrong property manager-it can cost you time and most importantly money!
What to Look for: 
Hire a Property Manager that can lease your home quickly while remaining compliant with city and state requirements Make sure your Property Manager has your best interest in mind, do the sell homes, investment portfolios, is their … (0 comments)

property management: Tips To Make Your Life as a Landlord Less Stressful - 10/19/15 07:08 AM
Tips To Make Your Life as a Landlord Less Stressful
Quality Product Means Quality Tenants
In general, the type of tenant will depend on the quality of rental you are leasing. You don’t need to have hardwood floors and granite in a mid-range home, but if your home is “better than average” for comparable homes, you will attract and keep “better than average” tenants.
Our “No Family-No Friends” Rule
Renting to family or friends is one of the most common and disastrous mistakes a landlord can make. It typically leads to problems and you have to make the decision; get screwed over or lose … (1 comments)

property management: Common Costs To Expect As a New Landlord - 07/22/15 02:53 AM
Keep in mind that there can be expected and unexpected costs when renting your home or investment property.  A competent professional property manager will advise you on the most common costs and the ones that can sneak up on you.  Here are a few to keep in mind.
As you probably know, rent income is taxable.  If your income exceeds your expenses, be prepared to pay extra taxes.  You may also want to protect yourself and your assets by incorporating. There are extra fees for that as well.  If you have a mortgage, the good news is that the interest you pay … (0 comments)

property management: Great News for Property Management Companies and Landlords! - 05/27/15 02:56 AM
As an experienced property management company in the Kansas City metro area, we watch the local and national rental trends closely.
According to a new poll of 2000 adults, even though rents are going up, most renters are not ready or wiling to purchase a home yet.  They also say most renters have positive feelings about renting.  The idea that rising rent does not motivate renters to buy, is contradictory to what the typical housing market experts think.  This leads many to believe that the rising rents are due to rising demand. 
Also. according to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 33% of households are … (0 comments)

property management: What do Property Managers Advise for Rental Expenses? - 05/20/10 02:16 PM
What do Property Managers Advise for Rental Expenses?
In addition to making sure you have a competent property manager, limiting vacancy and screening the right tenants, you also have to allow for repairs and maintenance on your rental home.
What amount should you be saving?
Most property managers recommend saving 1-3% of the property value for maintenance. Of course expenses vary from year to year. Some years will use leftover funds from the prior year and can help with big expenses. If you are consistent in funding your repair account, you will be prepared for the unexpected larger expenses.
If you … (0 comments)

property management: Property for Rent in Overland Park by Rent KC Now - 05/18/10 10:12 AM
Condo for rent in Overland Park by Rent KC Now.
This ranch condo is well maintained, immaculate and move in ready!  Maintenance free living! The Pine Brook HOAis paid by the owner and includes club house, lawn maintenance, pool, snow removal, trash pick up, water, and gas.  There is a one car garage, a full partially finished basement, vaulted ceilings, and an updated kitchen.  Relax on the private landscaped and treed patio. This corner location hasbeautiful landscaping all around the home.  Wonderful location; just minutes from Metcalf and 435 highway.  Close to shopping and restaurants.The property manager for this home is Rent KC … (2 comments)

property management: Property Management and Renting Your Home in Kansas City - 05/16/10 06:49 AM
Property management and renting your home.
All the changes in the real estate market have resulted in a growth trend in the rental market. The advantages of placing properties onto the rental market while waiting for the re-sale market to improve is obvious, but as the number of properties available for rental increases, your home must be at its best.  As many potential buyers are unable to obtain mortgages or have questionable career prospects, property owners are in a great position to earn an additional income from renting their homes.  There are several key elements in successful property managment.  One is … (0 comments)

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