atlanta realtor: I know it's a Bad Idea - But I am doing it.. Maybe... - 02/13/19 11:03 AM
I am listing a close friend from church's property. It will be listed at $215K. It's shows well and competitively priced, so I am not too worried that it won't sell - except....   The catch is that she wants the "family" discount of 3% total commission. Being the "nice" lady that she is - she wants me to keep the 3% and not necessarily pay out a co-op Broker commission.   I am toying with the idea of offering a flat $1500 commission or not listing it on the MLS at all - and doing my best to locate a … (0 comments)

atlanta realtor: Selling A home - What expenses should you look out for? - 02/05/19 08:54 AM
 So you're considering selling your home. What are some of the likely expenses you should watch for?
Repair cost - usually this includes, making minor and major repairs like interior/exterior paint, updating bathrooms, new floors... Things that will make the home more appealing to a Prospective Buyer. Note you can always sell a home as is, but that typically means accepting a lower price and possibly taking a bit longer to sell.  Finances are usually a major hindrance to making repairs; so when planning repairs it is important to focus on the things that will result in a biggest impact on … (3 comments)

atlanta realtor: Declutter well to Sell.. - 11/29/18 08:20 PM
Do you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar? Then I can’t stress enough how important having your home decluttered, clean, and clear of any unnecessary items are.
Trust me, Buyer’s don’t want to work that hard to envision themselves in your space. The home should be as inviting and decluttered as possible.
Clutter distracts and pulls Buyer’s attention away from your lovely home and the amazing features it offers to things that are not important.
You do not want the lasting impression of your home to be clutter.
Clutter is the difference between a Buyer admiring your spacious kitchen vs a … (2 comments)

atlanta realtor: Take me to the Yellow Door! - Curb Appeal ... - 11/27/18 08:27 PM
Do you know how many homes are listed for sale in the city of Atlanta at the moment?
Over 4900 listings! And that's only in Atlanta. Fulton County has close to 7000 listings currently on the market!
Whoa - That's a lot of homes! How on earth will anyone ever find yours?
Don't be alarmed, most buyers limit searches to a specific area/neighborhood; price point; school district; style of home;  age and so forth. Most likely, only a fraction of that large number would ever show up in a single Buyer's search result.
Nonetheless, the primary goal for Sellers, as well as their Real Estate Agents is to … (2 comments)

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