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This blog is intended for consumers interested in Raleigh Home Inspections and Clayton NC Home Inspector (of course, we inspect all of Wake and Johnston Counties). Home inspection topics will include foundation and structural issues, radon testing, why would one inspect a brand new house, first time buyers, home inspections foreclosure properties and general Raleigh real estate inspection topics.
We were hired for a Durham NC Home Inspection a few days ago and found a good number of items (about 30) on this new home. The most exciting find was this: Safety Concern A panel or switch box was observed with an interior cover that is not secure (fell on the ground when panel door opened.) Anyo...
We were hired to complete a Raleigh Home Inspection last week on a 1960s home that had a basement. All told, we identified approximately 50 items for repair. Several of the more notable (ie expensive) issues were stained and damp drywall on the interior basement walls, evidence of water damage to...
Foreclosure Home Inspections are very common these days. With all of the foreclosures on the market, a home inspector is bound to inspect quite a few. When scheduling a foreclosure home inspection, it is very important to have all utilities turned on prior to the home inspection. That would inclu...
We did a Raleigh Home Inspection and Radon Test for a client last week and he was on the fence regarding radon testing. He gave us the go ahead and the results came back at over twice the EPA's limit. This was a new home and the builder hired a Radon mitigation company in Raleigh to install venti...
If you are looking for a Qualified Raleigh Home Inspector, look no further. Clear Choice Home Inspections is a highly respected company serving the Raleigh area. Just today, we performed a Raleigh Home Inspection on a mid 80's home and found approximately 30 issues - standing water in the crawl s...
During a recent Home Inspection in Clayton NC, we found an HVAC problem with a brand new home. We were fortunate that the weather was unseasonably warm and that allowed us to test the air conditioner. This Clayton NC Home Inspector found that the upstairs air conditioner did not function; the blo...
During a Raleigh NC Home Inspection, it is critical to assess the crawl space for moisture problems - even on a new home.  A sealed crawl space can create additional concerns and problems if all components are not installed and functioning properly.    The last crawl space inspection we completed...
Our Home Inspector in Clayton NC inspected another home in zip 27520. This one did not have any serious concerns but lots of little things. During the home inspection, we found: insulation in the attic that was not thick enough to meet the required R-value, dishwasher that would not completely fi...
Our recent Home Inspection of a Selma NC house (east of Clayton NC) turned up some interesting flaws. Aside from various roofing defects (one that created a damp spot on the hall ceiling), the crawl space of this Selma NC home was the most interesting. The subfloor under the tiled master bath sho...
We recently completed a pre-drywall Home Inspection in Cary NC (just outside of Raleigh NC) and discovered some surprising roofing defects.  As Raleigh NC Home Inspectors, we look carefully at roof flashings due to their importance for keeping moisture from traveling behind siding and under the r...

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