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This blog is intended for consumers interested in Raleigh Home Inspections and Clayton NC Home Inspector (of course, we inspect all of Wake and Johnston Counties). Home inspection topics will include foundation and structural issues, radon testing, why would one inspect a brand new house, first time buyers, home inspections foreclosure properties and general Raleigh real estate inspection topics.
During our latest Clayton NC Home Inspection, we inspected a brand new 3,300 sq ft house and found a wire in the main electrical panel that was overfused.  An innocent mistake, but I am glad we caught it as the breaker would not trip until the circuit saw at least 20 amps (the breaker size) and t...
Clear Choice Home Inspections in Clayton NC is offering all Home Inspection clients a 20% off coupon good at participating Ace Hardware stores. When you schedule a Raleigh Home Inspection (and all other areas we cover), please mention the coupon and we'll gladly bring it to the home inspection ap...
We inspected a home in Cary NC, 27513 zip, and found a bowed and cracked foundation wall.  The wall was approximately 5 feet high and the soil on the exterior was nearly to the top of the wall (interior of crawl space was at a much lower grade than the exterior).  A downspout had been dumping rig...
We inspected a brand new house in Cary NC and found a few roofing flaws.  Photo taken by our home inspector shows a junction between a roof and the house siding with a heavy bead of sealer applied.  "Kickout" flashing should have been installed that would direct water away from the house siding. ...
Another Raleigh NC Home Inspection in 27607.  New construction and this home inspector found the overflow passage in one master bath sink had a leak.  This was a cast-in, cultured marble top and these leaks are somewhat uncommon but I check them all just in case.  We found a flashing issue on the...
During our Raleigh Home Inspection a few weeks ago, we found radon levels at approximately 8 picocuries per liter. The EPA safe limit for indoor air is 4.0. All is not lost as the levels can be reduced through ventilation installed by a radon mitigation company. And, remember that radon levels va...
We inspected a 1997 home in Clayton NC (close to Raleigh NC) and noted a lack of flashing between the deck and siding early in the inspection.  The very last thing we check is the crawl space.  The lack of flashing allowed water to travel behind the siding and attack the wood foundation wall and ...
We did a home inspection today in Fuquay NC and found a broken truss in the attic.  This should have been repaired during construction but sometimes things get missed.  This is pretty minor in comparison to other structural issues but should be repaired regardless.  Our home inspector (27526) fo...
Inspected a 1980's home today and found the usual items and one a little more exciting.  This Raleigh home inspection revealed a corroded and partially disconnected flue pipe from the gas water heater.  The water heater was located in the interior of the home.  The exhaust by-products could enter...
  This poor house.  Only 7 years old and due to the poor location of gutter downspouts (at least it had gutters), a large amount of water has been entering the crawl space at the right font of the house.  Our Raleigh home inspection noted that this water ran toward the right rear corner.  At the ...

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