southern pines nc: Connecting to adventures in the community... - 08/27/10 08:23 AM
One way to build rapport with people that are new to your community is to help them learn about events and activities in the area. is great way to help them learn about events and you!
From the site: "Goby helps you find fun things to do. Whether you're traveling across the country (currently US only) or staying close to home this weekend, Goby's got you covered with over 350 categories of things to do in every city and town in the US!"
Goby calls itself an "inspiration engine," which aims to help you get the most out of your free time … (1 comments)

southern pines nc: Kitty Poo Coffee fetches $30 Per Cup NYC! - 07/29/10 07:46 AM
Two things we really enjoy... a good cup of coffee and our cats.
We never considered using our friendly felines for commercial enterprise until we read: Kitty Poo Coffee fetches $30 Per Cup NYC!
In case you're wondering... Kitty Poo coffee is made from the beans of coffee berries, which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, also known as Toddy Cat, then passed through its digestive tract. The berries, containing the bean, is eaten for their fleshy pulp. Once ingested photolytic enzymes seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and freer amino acids. Learn more about Kitty Poo Coffee.
Although … (0 comments)

southern pines nc: Bankable Tips On Raising Your Credit Score... - 07/19/10 01:31 AM
Don't believe the lies from fly-by-night companies claiming to be able to raise your credit score magically, especially if they say they can make negative credit information disappear.
Fact of the matter is: There's no magic bullet.
Nevertheless with a little diligence and time you can successfully raise your own credit score legitimately.
Here are some critical tips you need to know...
The number one rule should be obvious, and cannot be stressed enough... pay bills on time. Have credit cards, but use them wisely. A good rule of thumb is, if you don't have the cash, you cannot afford the purchase. Keep your … (1 comments)

southern pines nc: Beat the Heat - 06/27/10 07:53 PM
Avoid the summertime blues by following these warm weather health tips...
Change your jogging
Give your body time to acclimate to the change from cool to hot weather. If you're a noontime jogger, switch to early-morning runs for about a week or cut your running time by a third to a half. Be especially alert to your body's distress signals.
Prevent "swimmer's ear"
When you feel water is trapped in your ear from swimming or shampooing your hair, place a dropper full of rubbing alcohol (or half alcohol, half white vinegar) in your ear to help dry the ear and kill … (1 comments)

southern pines nc: Finding Your Home Away From Home... - 06/27/10 11:51 AM
Before purchasing or building a vacation home, make sure you do your homework. Finding a picture-perfect setting for future getaways is possible, but it takes a lot of planning and research.
As you're evaluating vacation property, use these four tests:
Does the community have the amenities, climate, recreational and cultural activities you enjoy? Does it promise years of enjoyable living without unexpected changes in the character of the community or neighborhood? Are there physical or legal restrictions to stop construction of the home? Does it have a special character that will make you want to spend your valuable vacation time in … (0 comments)

southern pines nc: Fixer-Uppers... Wise Investment or Money Pit? - 06/19/10 07:08 AM
All homes are different, but there are certain criteria which can help you spot a fixer-upper with good potential. Here are a few basic questions to ask: What needs to be changed? There are some homes which are structurally sound that require only cosmetic changes--say that worn carpet from the 1960's, the historic appliances or that inefficient heating system which consumes more fuel than a high school. It makes sense to inventory a home to see what can remain and what must go. A good home inspection can help you spot mechanical, structural and system upgrades that should be made and … (1 comments)

southern pines nc: Ft.Bragg - Pope AFB NC - Military Relocation and Real Estate Assistance - 05/30/10 03:14 AM

FORT BRAGG, NORTH CAROLINATwelve miles northwest of Fayetteville, NC, Fort Bragg has it's own highly specialized role in America's modern military arsenals. The base and its companion base, Pope AFB have an overwhelming economic impact on Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Fort Bragg brings 175,000 employees and dependents and an economic impact of nearly $4 billion annually. Fort Bragg is similar to a city because it has its own mall, schools, hospitals, homes, utility works and entertainment facilities.Fort Bragg, established as a field artillery base in 1918 with a congressional allotment of $14.5 million, had fewer than 5,000 people when the … (0 comments)

southern pines nc: Questions Every Southern Pines NC Home Buyer Should Ask... - 05/29/10 12:49 PM
When you begin searching for a suitable Southern Pines home to buy, it seems as if there are millions of questions to ask.
As home buyers we can become so wrapped up in the physical aspects of the house... the rooms, amenities and structure... that we give less attention to quiet issues which may strongly impact our ability to enjoy a home.
What kinds of factors will affect your quality of life? The obvious ones are the first to come to mind: the distance to work, the special programs available through the local school system and neighborhood shopping and recreation.
Those factors, while … (0 comments)

southern pines nc: Questions you should ask every lender before you shop for a house... - 05/27/10 05:01 PM
Misconceptions held by buyers can include the false belief that all lenders, and all mortgages, are pretty much the same. Another common mindset is the mortgage process doesn't start until after you find the house you want and negotiate a successful offer.
These misunderstandings are not surprising when you realize that the vast majority of buyers only experience the mortgage process so infrequently.Ignorance is not bliss! If you fail to ask the appropriate questions of your potential lender, you may do serious damage to both your negotiating position and your pocketbook. Questions you should ask every lender before you shop for a house...Will you pre-approve me? … (4 comments)

southern pines nc: Pinehurst - Southern Pines NC Business Referral Network - 05/25/10 09:37 AM

The Pinehurst - Southern Pines Business Referral Network is pleased to announce that Daniel Adams of Daniel Adams Construction has been accepted to our network of local business professionals who are committed to providing exceptional levels of customer service while building their business by referral.
A third generation Moore county carpenter, Daniel Adams has followed the professional heritage established by his grandfather and father before him. 
Since 1978, Daniel Adams Construction has completed over 600 quality built homes in the greater Pinehurst Area. 
Specializing in custom homes of all sizes, Daniel Adams Construction has also been involved in commercial projects … (0 comments)

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