Hi Everyone!  I have a new listing it is MLS # 985778 6018 Dixon DrRaleigh NC  27609 $130,000 Townhome 2 bed/2 1/2 bath1530SFWell maintained, new floors and paint!  Beautiful and all new appliances.  Seller is offering a home warranty up to $400.     
We all are aware that foreclosures are on the rise in all states, however I was really under estimating how much they have gone up!  I read an article today stating that foreclosures are up 143% in the state of North Carolina! ! ! !  That averages to 1 in 976 households are a foreclosure.  That's...
The market must be worse than I thought or this developer thinks such thoughts anyway!  I was watching the news today and overheard about the developer of 3 homes that burned over the weekend is missing!  He has not been seen in recent days and one neighbor to the homes says they saw the develope...
I read a great deal of articles online these days with business being very slow, the most recent being an article on YAHOO! saying that the market would continue to go down and hit "rock bottom" in 2008.  The report says thorughout the nation we will see record low sales prices and a very low num...
Hey again everyone, this blog is slightly different from my typical blogging, however it has a good point.  If any of you are repeats readers on my blogs you will know I get almost all of my ideas from reading articles online such as, local station) and business journals.Anyw...
I spend a great deal of my time educating buyers and potential buyers on home buying and mortgages. I have been offering these home buying seminars here for just over a year.  It's incredible how unintelligible people really are.  I guess I simply misjudged due to growing up around homes and cons...
If we are in the Real Estate Profession that means we are in the market of selling ourselves and homes correct?  So, how come we tend to be so quick to judge or cut off other salespeople? I know we all get a ton of mail and calls and emails that we really don't want to hear about because they cos...
I started out working with Century 21 Realty on a 50/50 split with fees of $75/month.  I interviewed with several companies including one that told me I looked too young and I was a high risk so they couldn't hire me on.  I thought C21 was my only option and the 50/50 split was standard.  Well, I...
Hey everyone.  I have a "tough" situation with a current buyer that not only have I not experienced before, but no one in my office has encountered before and we are a larger office around 200 real estate professionals.  I have a buyer that is claiming that they are getting a lump sum of money fr...
Good Evening everyone, I don't know if you're dealing with this in your area but I'd love to know.  If I hear about one more sign I think I'll pull my hair out.  Every few days we receive an email from the Regional Association of Realtors about signs being placed incorrectly.  Is it really that h...

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