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We specialize in selling unique properties. If you have a beautiful property and you have a need to sell, we specialize in creating a marketing presence that will sell your home. Mark it SOLD!



In the ever changing and evolving complex world of our global economy and our national economy, how has the profession of a Real Estate Agent or Realtor changed? Are the older traditional methods still relevant with all the technological changes in our Industry? Has social networking resulted in ...
Memories of Route 66 (a TV series....dating myself here...I can barely remember it) only we are on The 299 and heading East. Fall River Mills is a small town of charm and beauty about an hour and half from Redding on The 299. On the way to Alturas, one finds "The Hat Creek" and The Pit River. Th...
My husband and I are technologists. We were conceived of the world of technology in our days at Apple Computer, Inc. We were ever changed by our experience of working at Apple and have carried away those Values and a innovative perspective in how we see the world. The Apple perspective was back t...
Redding CA Realtors - Real Estate and Life - Where's the Line - Do you have a life other than being a Realtor? There are times when I've had to question whether my work takes over my life or if I have a life other than real estate. I'd like to do some fly fishing on "The Hat Creek" and "The Sacra...

Jeanean Gendron

Specializing in Selling Unique Properties
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