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We specialize in selling unique properties. If you have a beautiful property and you have a need to sell, we specialize in creating a marketing presence that will sell your home. Mark it SOLD!



We are the local listing Broker for HUD Asset Manager, PEMCO, Ltd. and in so have the opportunity to travel the North State in our duties of listing HUD Homes for sale. We enjoy our travels and have many destinations that we combine with photos shoots on the beauty of the North State, The North S...
Today is Monday and it is our substitute day for not having the weekend. We were able to watch the Academy Awards last night and that was fun. I always love the dresses. I spent the early morning hours doing some new photo work. I am getting where I want to go so to speak. I want the ability to c...
Redding CA HUD Selling Agent Reference - Guide for Helping Buyers Purchase HUD Homes--HUD Asset Management, PEMCO, Ltd. is dedicated to providing Selling Agents tools and resources needed to help their clients purchase and own HUD Homes. Property Listings HUD Homes listing can be found at www.HUD...
Just Being ME - Jeanean Gendron Life IS Change. Giving. Joy. Change. Progress. Setbacks. Attitude. Sunshine. Sunset. Heart. Spirit. Knowledge. Compassion. Allowance. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Happiness. Artful. Expressive. Values. Honesty. Communication. Goals. Success. Big words for a Wednesday....
I have a funny story to tell you...and this is the best part of being ME. I may be prejudice about the Art of being ME but I find the part I like best about ME is when I get the "chuckles". Chuckles are those things that happen to you that any time you think of them, they make you laugh. I have h...
Redding CA - Short Sale Agent - 25 Billion Dollar Mortgage Services Settlement--we have heard recently about the Justice Department Settlement with the Banks. Here are the details and the resources where you can find out more. It is hopeful that this effort will help distressed home owners stay i...
A Positive Attitude is Important When Buying a Home - Trusting Your Realtor--The perception of the real estate market and Realtors is something that catches me by surprise at times. As a service provider (Realtor) in the Real Estate Industry, you have that opportunity to observe how people view t...
Redding CA - Buyer Events - The HOW TO of Buying HUD Homes--The real estate market is an excellent way to establish generational wealth and now is an excellent time to utilize the low interest rates to get started. If you are a First Time Home Buyer or if you are looking at making your first Inve...
Jeanean Gendron and Real Living Real Estate ProfessionalsServicing Three Counties in the NORTH STATE of CaliforniaHUD Homes for SaleShasta County CA, Siskiyou CA and Tehama County CAA Local Listing Broker for HUD Asset Manangement PEMCO, Ltd.Learn About Buying HUD Homes HERE! Shasta County CA HU...
I have a desire to embrace joy.    To create unbounded celebration. Creativity comes. and, I share it with you. It must take shape. It calls me. I cannot resist. and, I share it with you. I must go. Places not yet seen. Paths not yet walked. and, I share it with you. I have knowingness. An expres...

Jeanean Gendron

Specializing in Selling Unique Properties
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