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Neighborly Realty is here to help. The purpose of this blog is to get information out FAST to you. No need to pick up the phone and call, just keep an eye on these pages for the very latest in market news, financial updates, bailout and recovery programs. Several helpful tools are made available to you down the right hand side of our backup blog - Please take a look at that source as well. As your primary Real Estate IP - Information Provider - you will never get a sales pitch. We are here to help.



Hello Neighbors, FHA just announced some big changes.  Why is this important?  FHA drives the standards for loan qualification that many of the large lenders adhere too.  FHA backed loans are also a major percentage of all loans underwritten in this current market. FHA loans are popular when time...
Hello Neighbors, Again, more educational material from the team at Neighborly Financial. You may have heard the term "FICO score" before... You've certainly heard the term "credit score".  What are they?  Are they different?  How are they calculated, and how can I improve mine? Watch this video a...
Hello Neighbors, Again, more educational material from the team at Neighborly Financial. This time - what is "APR"?  Like interest, you will see this number quoted in your mortgage (purchase or re-fi) Good Faith Estimates.  Unlike interest, it isn't totally clear how this number was created. Watc...
Hello Neighbors, Our team at Neighborly Financial is at it again - creating more consumer education videos to help you make informed mortgage decisions. Again, be gentle. The content is fantastic, but we aren't movie stars.  Brad Pitt has nothing to fear. Should you need more insight, please cont...
Hello Neighbors, Do you have some graphic artist skills? Do you create pages for the web? Want to participate in a design contest? If so, take a look at and search for Neighborly. We are sponsoring a contest to design the next version of the "Neighborly Group" website.  The cont...

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