fort myers homes for sale: A post I had to do - 07/30/08 08:31 AM
I have written about this before, but felt led to talk about it again. How are you dealing with the current conditions?
Did you know that the industry with the highest mortality rate in our country since January 2007 was real estate related? Did you know that the second highest divorce rate also belongs to our industry? Did you know that chemical addictions, spousal abuse are all growing at an alarming rate?
I learned about these statistics and began to enquire further. I began to wonder about the toll this must be taking on homeowners in distress, suddenly unemployed construction crews, … (11 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: Southwest Florida off of life support? - 07/25/08 01:52 AM
So home sales are up and prices are down. What does this mean for us in the Fort Myers-Cape Coral-Bonita Springs area?
Actually it means a lot when you consider all that has taken place over the past 3 years. Our area underwent one of the most torrid times in real estate history. Demand was absurd, prices were appreciating at a ridiculous rate, speculation was rampant and things quite frankly were out of control.
Now we see a sign of things returning to normal. The number of sales are on the increase as more and more people are coming in to an … (4 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: What about Bill & Cindy Average - 07/18/08 05:12 AM
This article appeared today:
Some are calling this the best market for investors since real estate tanked in the early 1980s. Investors, alone and in groups, are negotiating volume deals as they purchase whole subdivisions and bundles of 10 to 50 defaulted loans for pennies on the dollar. "What we're seeing today dwarfs [the 1980s] by five or 10 times," says Bob Leonetti, president of SMI Funding, an Austin, Texas, company that originates and acquires private and conventional mortgages. "There are huge opportunities for investors.""People who have cash positions now are going to do very well," says Central Florida real estate … (1 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: Is anyone else exasperated with short sales? - 07/17/08 04:49 AM
Got a homeowner in trouble with his lender? Can't do a workout? The answer is a short sale.....This is the answer right?? It is what's best for the client...right? It provides the agent with a great listing at a great price....right? Surely with the reduced price it will be a quick sale, fast closing....right? It helps the market by reducing inventory....right?
In theory it all sounds good. But I'm finding that it's not all good. I'm finding homeowners are facing big questions as to the tax implications of a short sale. I'm finding many homeowners are having trouble renting a home … (3 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: What will waiting do for you? - 07/13/08 09:58 AM
In today's new real estate market the time for hesitation is past. Now is the time for action. To take advantage of the new market, the reality is clear-don't wait:
If you are ready to move to a home where you would rather live; If you can afford a conventional fixed-rate loan; If you plan to live there or own it for several years; now is the right time to move or buy a first home, second home or rental. Waiting rarely pays off for many reasons. Recent SalesHomes are selling Fort Myers and in southwest Florida. Yes, there is more … (0 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: Who's riding the foreclosure bus? - 07/10/08 04:08 AM
It seems in recent months that there are some interesting innovations in marketing coming to our industry. The advancement of the web has put potential homebuyers right on the sofa of their new living room through the use of virtual tours. The use of call capture has homesellers knowing who is interested in their property. Partnering with the travel industry has developers bringing in buyers worldwide. Even the market we are in has brought about a need for adaptation. Now, we have the foreclosure bus!
Entrepreneurial agents are contacting investors, rounding them up and putiing them on a chartered luxury bus. … (9 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: Less agents, doing more right. - 07/09/08 10:27 AM
So it's a beautiful day in sw Florida, birds are out, sun is shining at least part of the time and buyers are out there. I get a call from a buyer who asks me "I have about a million dollars liquid right now, got any good deals?"
Well of course I could find some good deals! So I proceed to find him a 1785 sq ft home with a pool, built in '06. The property was bank owned and the LA had it listed for $120,000.
My buyer loved the house as an investment property and asked me to prepare the … (1 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: 1613 Lorraine Ave. S Lehigh Acres Florida - 05/30/08 07:20 AM

fort myers homes for sale: 651 Central St E Lehigh Acres Florida - 05/30/08 07:18 AM

fort myers homes for sale: 1017 Binkley St E Lehigh Acres Florida - 05/30/08 07:17 AM

fort myers homes for sale: 2514 62nd St W Lehigh Acres Florida - 05/30/08 07:15 AM

fort myers homes for sale: 3505 37th St SW Lehigh Acres Florida - 05/30/08 07:12 AM

fort myers homes for sale: 2505 33rd St SW Lehigh Acres Florida - 05/30/08 07:10 AM

fort myers homes for sale: 3317 23rd St SW Lehigh Acres Florida - 05/30/08 07:08 AM

fort myers homes for sale: 3300 52nd St W Lehigh Acres - 05/30/08 06:32 AM

fort myers homes for sale: Southwest Florida on the rise - 05/29/08 09:49 AM
Are you waiting for the rock bottom pricing before buying a new home? Are you waiting for interest rates to be lowered again? Here are some indicators that you may have been on the fence a little too long.
First, interest rates. To help bolster the economy, the Fed last month lowered a key interest rate by one-quarter percentage point to 2 percent. However, it signaled that may be the last reduction for some time. The Fed is hoping that its powerful rate cuts along with the government stimulus package of tax rebates will help lift the economy out of its … (0 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: Smaller Floor Plans in Big Demand - 04/15/08 05:46 AM
American's appetite for big homes and over-sized furniture appears to be shrinking.New-home buyers began asking builder KB Home for smaller floor plans right after the collapse in subprime lending last year, says CEO Jeffrey Mezger.The demand for a huge, high-ceilinged great room is giving way to the desire for special-purpose rooms, including media rooms and home offices, says a spokesman for luxury specialist Pulte Homes.In three of its four new sofa collections, Younger Furniture is offering "apartment size" sofas, which are about 10 inches shorter than full-sized ones. Citing a trend toward smaller homes, Rowe Fine Furniture says it expects its … (0 comments)

fort myers homes for sale: The most wonderful time of the year! - 02/28/08 09:52 AM
So here it is, the best time of the year in southwest Florida. Spring training is here!!! Thr area is full of snowbirds, the roads are dangerous! Hammond Stadium has the new look Minnesota Twins in full stride (minus the mega talented Johann Santana, and fan favorite Torii Hunter). But don't write them off folks, with a young nucleus that includes all-stars Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, sophomore Delmon Young, and Francisco Liriano and closer Joe Nathan just to name a few, the Twins will give more a few teams a scare. Lead by manager Ron Gardenhire and fueled by one … (2 comments)


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