negotiation: Perception vs. Reality in Price Negotiation - 02/23/11 11:44 AM
You have probably seen the attached picture before - is it a picture of a young women or an old women? The answer is it depends on how you are looking at it. How you perceive it.  
One definition of reality is: "all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you". I agree with this on many levels - I believe you make your own reality and what you know and believe as well as your past experiences effect what is "real" for you. A slum dweller in India has a much different reality than a socialite living … (0 comments)

negotiation: "How Clean is Clean" or "How to avoid a mess at closing" - 01/28/11 07:45 AM
Condition at Closingor How to Avoid a Mess at Closing
One of the greatest sources of letdown and conflict in a real estate transaction is the condition of the house after the Sellers move out. Provisions in the purchase contract allow for the buyer to do a walk through inspection prior to closing. I advise my buyers to do this walkthrough as late as possible so as to see the true condition of the property as it will be left. What to look for in a walkthrough could be its own topic but in summary; we are checking to make sure … (2 comments)

negotiation: The 3rd Party in Real Estate Negotiations - Buyer, Seller and ? - 12/14/10 11:26 AM
The video below is from the website  Ted is a series of live presentations compiled on video, featuring thought leaders in all aspects of modern life.  I watch these all the time but this is the first one I have shared.  This one has to do with high level negotiations and the role of a third party.  After watching the video I thought that the ideas brought forth by William Ury had direct correlation to the role of Realtors in bringing buyers and sellers together in a negotiation.
Basically what Mr. Ury is saying is that sometimes it takes a … (1 comments)

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