loan modification: I Dont Have to do a Short Sale or lose my house to Foreclosure? How? - 09/19/08 11:40 AM
Advocate For Lending was created to assist homeowners in saving their homes. The Advocate For Fair Lending model reverses the balance of power in lender borrower dichotomy. The homeowner's loan is the basis for review. Using existing Federal and State laws and forensic auditing processes, the homwowner may be in the position to completely change the structure of the loan or request to rescind the loan outright. In some instances, if the lender does not act within a 20-day period, the Note and Deed of Trust is voided as a matter of Law. The homeowners also receives the added benefit of … (1 comments)

loan modification: Can the President do more about housing crisis? - 07/10/08 08:05 AM
I understand Bush is working on a plan to get more affordable home loans for those in distress. It was my understanding that loans do not cost people to lose their homes lack of income or loss of income due to job loss and unable to find new employment is why you lose your home.  I started in mortgage insdustry when prime rate was 9% people were coming of the Carter years of 18% and you had to put 20% down to be able to buy a home. If you didnt have that and went FHA every one you had ever … (1 comments)

loan modification: Loan Modification???? - 07/08/08 12:46 PM
I am looking for some feedback into what is supposedly the new hot item for those in the mortgage industry."Loan Modification" When you read information from HUD it tells you to not pay any fees for a loan modification, use your lender at no cost. I recently advertised to help clients with "no money no equity no credit" to help with current mortgage situation. I have received numerous calls and I can say that 95% of my calls were from Homeoweners who have been unsuccessfull in obtaining a modification on their own. Are the lenders still trying to pretend that this … (9 comments)


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