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The one trait that will lead you to success throughout your entire life is … persistence. By mastering the art of being persistent, you’ll be able to push yourself further than the competition and ultimately achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. SW-SW-SW-SW When prospecting for new clients,...
The Market is going up…yeah!!! The Market is going down…yuck!!! The Market is going up again….yeah!!! Aren’t you sick of this roller coaster?  Have you ever taken a second to think about what you can do to assure yourself great results? Rather than worrying  about where the market is going. Isn’...
Has there ever been a time in your career when you felt like you were in a rut? Maybe life felt like it was moving forward, but you weren’t. Can you relate to that? The level of success you will have is in direct proportion to your constant improvement, moving forward even when you feel like sta...
1. Drive Powerful agents have the strong desire to work hard and long. They’re willing to give it all they got because they know what they want and why they want it. Develop your drive by focusing on your future success, and never give up. 2. Courage In order to get things most others will never...
Have you ever noticed that agents who have a high level of production spend most of their time with other agents who have a high level production? The same applies to agents who have a medium level of production and for agents who have little to no production. Why do you think that is? Well, the...
Increase your income earning potential by dedicating only 1 day per week to 8 hours of prospecting and 1.5 hours of role play; all in an energetic and intense environment! Phone Blitz every Tuesday in our office in Walnut, CA The program agenda is as follows: 8:30 – 9:00AM Role play9AM – Noon Pr...
The market has finally cut you some slack, listings are selling and buyers are purchasing homes, what more can you ask for? Where are you today with the goals you created for yourself in January? Are you doing better than you anticipated? Worse? Whether you are on track for your goals or you are...
As a broker and coach for one of the most successful real estate offices in one of the largest markets, I have encountered almost every type of real estate agent out there. The challenge I find is that most Realtors say they work hard, but do not achieve the results they want. Why? To take it a ...

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