listing presentations: Are You Complacent? - 11/14/12 03:13 AM
Don’t get caught in the comfort zone. That’s only complacency tricking you into believing everything is just fine the way it is. Complacency makes you unaware of the dangers up ahead but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. The moment you become complacent, is the moment you should start working harder.

listing presentations: 168 Hours - 11/11/12 06:29 AM
We all have 168 hours in a week. What we do with those hours will dictate either our success or our demise. This is what you have to decide at the beginning of every week… Will you work for success this week or not?


listing presentations: Maximize Your Time - 11/07/12 10:53 AM
Top agents know how to maximize their time to achieve the highest efficiency. They complete what they need to complete during the time frames they have scheduled to complete them. Production and efficiency are always the goal for high performing agents!

listing presentations: Practice, Drill and Rehearse - 11/03/12 11:10 AM
Some things never change, including the objections that sellers give you. Instead of waiting for the objections to change, prepare yourself to face them by practicing, drilling and rehearsing.

listing presentations: Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents - 10/30/12 10:56 AM
There are common characteristics that all great agents share. Find out which ones you have in common with them and which ones you need to obtain in order to succeed.

listing presentations: Great Sales Agents - 10/25/12 01:10 PM
If someone has achieved more than you, it’s not because they are better or smarter than you. It’s because they have learned to repeat a strategy that works for them and they do not falter in it’s execution…..ever.

listing presentations: Don’t Be An Average Agent - 10/21/12 02:52 AM
Check this list of traits that all mediocre or “average” agents have in common. If you share any of these traits, do everything in your power to change your habits now. Follow the 5-5-10 plan and pull yourself out of mediocrity today!

listing presentations: Start Today! - 10/14/12 10:14 AM
All agents have varying levels of intensity, but nobody “owns” the position of “Superstar Agent.” You can get there any time you want to. Did you know that?

listing presentations: The Contest - 10/08/12 12:32 PM
Selling is a contest that requires you to win in order to reap any rewards at all. If the clients say “YES”, you will win, and you already know what happens if the client says no. Therefore, you must be in constant training and prepare yourself for the opportunity to obtain a “YES”.

listing presentations: Complacency Kills - 10/02/12 11:54 AM
Complacency is your enemy, and it will kill your momentum every time. To defeat it….. you must work harder and pedal faster to escape it!

listing presentations: Do You Have Sales Intensity? - 10/01/12 11:54 AM
Grade yourself on your sales intensity and decide for yourself if you are where you need to be to succeed at a high level.

listing presentations: Best Intentions - 09/29/12 09:01 AM
Too often, we rely on tomorrow to get done what we should have done today. Remember that the things you do today will dictate how your business will be tomorrow. Close the gap and finish what you start today!


listing presentations: Reserves - 09/23/12 07:56 AM
You have everything you need right now to become successful beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is “tap” into your reserves.

listing presentations: Key Qualities - 09/18/12 10:09 AM
When people were asked what kind of person they would like to work with, they mentioned some key qualities. Listen now and find out if you are the kind of person that your clients would like to work with.

listing presentations: Activities - 09/13/12 11:21 AM
If you want to succeed at a high level, you must become self-disciplined enough to make good choices each and every day. Good choices are about completing those activities every day that will create success in your business.

listing presentations: Competition - 09/11/12 01:57 PM
Life is tough but you can be tougher. Practice, focus, determination and action will outperform your competition every time. Just remember….if you prepare yourself everyday for the tough days, your preparation will make the hard days seem easier.

listing presentations: Your Future - 09/08/12 02:13 AM
Past failures do not determine your future. Only your choices from this point on will determine your future. Remember….you can change your habits anytime you want and receive different results starting today!

listing presentations: The Past - 09/04/12 09:35 AM
Your past is only important because it’s made you who you are, but it has nothing to do with who you can become. Who are you planning to become?

listing presentations: Lucky? - 08/30/12 11:04 AM
You can empower yourself today by changing this one thing….While some people feel that others are simply lucky; the truth is, luck is the result of making good choices. Since life is a series of choices, you can create your own luck by making the right choices starting today!

listing presentations: Repetition - 08/27/12 02:02 AM
Repetition will empower you to take action on what you have learned, so make sure you are only practicing those things that will help you to become successful.


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