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Reacting To The Changing Market   Sperry Van Ness formed an Asset Recovery Team (SVNART), comprised of a group of its advisors who operate nationwide as a team specializing in the various areas of distressed properties. The team's members include everyone from ex bankers to receivers to property...
 An important part of exposing property to the market place involves targeting the correct audience.  Sperry Van Ness utilities the INTERNET to its fullest advantage.  Once a property is ready for market, I create a unique website for the property such as this one  o...
 Stand and Poors Report  The Rent-Price Index in U.S Housing Markets  􀂉 In this paper, the relationship between house prices and rents across eight major metropolitan areas in the U.S. is examined, and a rentprice index to provide the framework of our analysis is developed. 􀂉 Adjustments in the r...
  When in Doubt, Use a "Ten Cap" From Capital Trends Monthly January '09 For decades-before "cap-rate compression" became a catch phrase- yields on commercial property largely averaged between 9% and 10%. In 2009, it is quite possible if not probable that the market will "revert to the mean"-go b...
 The sale-leaseback is a simple real estate concept with complex ramifications. Sale-leasebacks allow a seller to liquidate their equity and eliminate debt while at the same time continuing to occupy the property. Many medical owner occupied properties utilize the sale-leaseback EXAMPLE: You hav...
To create and nurture a positive working environment and perform as a team member with accountability, responsibility and authority, I agree to live by the following Core Covenants in everything I do with Sperry Van Ness.  1. I place my client's interest above my own and proactively cooperate wit...
   The real estate cycle  has been charted since almost the beginning of brokerage.  Growth is followed by Maturation or saturation.  Recession then follows until inventory is absorbed.  Once the market is stabilized again, the Growth re-starts causing assets to appreciate.  This cycle can vary i...
In 1987, Rand Sperry and Mark Van Ness joined forces to create a commercial investment real estate firm with one key mission: to create unprecedented value for commercial real estate investors. Based on this mission, Sperry Van Ness has quickly become the fastest growing commercial real estate fi...
  CMBS Assumptions Are Not Like Getting A New Loan When a buyer assumes an existing CMBS loan, the evaluation process is mainly a comparison of the existing borrower to the new potential borrower. Ultimately, the Servicer needs to ensure that the Trust that holds the property is no worse off tha...
Mission Statement To provide proven and successful accelerated marketing services to our clients who desire to maximize the return on their real estate investments and complete the process in the most efficient and condensed time period. National & International Reach Sperry Van Ness is the only...

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