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Many times when you ask for items to be corrected/repaired as a result of a Home Inspection there is a big chasm. This develops as a result of the Seller believing the home is in "good" condition and the buyer concerned as a result of the inspection. We have found that with more explanation and m...
     I have heard many different opinions on what will happen when a seller performs a short sale... Do you know the possible outcomes? Have you relayed the correct information to each of your clients? Here is a video that describes the 3 possible outcomes:  
    What is the Best Home Warranty company? After 15 years in the Real Estate business I have become a bit disenchanted with the majority of companies. They routinely turn down work that should be covered and the fine print typically covers everything you wanted covered with a warranty!!         ...
          This was the theme of a recent election. Many of you probably remember the posters, commercials and campaign. The slogan was brilliant. There is a romance in what is new. An appeal to embrace a new path. However, how often do we take that new path? At what point do we not only fall in l...
  Sign up today and register to win the right amount of inches that fall just outside of our Re/Max office in Alexandria, Virginia. You must post a comment with your best guess on inches before 12 pm today.   The calculation will happen today at 4 pm... Go to  to pos...
         How do you leverage social networking as a small business owner?          You must begin with the consumer in mind. How do you take the focus off of your company? Your Brand? What makes you money? This can be difficult fosor many companies. You need to start assessing what consumers are ...
       Since December Statistics are not out yet, I wanted to summarize the numbers from November 2009 for Northern Virginia.      We wanted to compare November 2009 to November 2008. The market has seen an increase in home sales from 1,100 to 1,567 for the month of November.      The active real...
This is an excerpt from Social Fusion by James Nellis Chapter 1- Social Confusion:       Many companies focus only on one or two forms of media and miss the opportunity to engage with today’s consumer. In recent times we have seen the major companies begin hiring “Social Media Directors” and Bran...
      So how do you market to today's consumer? How do you speak the right language to your audience? What should a small business focus on in order to make money and professionaly service the client? The answer is found within Social Fusion. Social Fusion is a term coined by James Nellis with Sp...
  WOW... What an amazing time... I know that many Realtors were unable to join us for the event. We had a great diversity represented. CRS even had over 50 Realtors from Spain at the event. Here is a photo: Many presenters shared the stage from Howard Brinton to Bob Wolff and even Chris Bird on t...

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