james nellis: Find a CHANGER Today - 02/11/10 03:03 AM

       This was the theme of a recent election. Many of you probably remember the posters, commercials and campaign. The slogan was brilliant. There is a romance in what is new. An appeal to embrace a new path. However, how often do we take that new path? At what point do we not only fall in love with the idea but allow it to drive us to making true change?
       How does Change occur? What is the impetus for it to happen?
1. Change occurs when the pain to remain the same is too great.Only you can control … (0 comments)

james nellis: Social Networking from a Consumer Perspective?? - 01/06/10 03:48 AM
       How do you leverage social networking as a small business owner?
       You must begin with the consumer in mind. How do you take the focus off of your company? Your Brand? What makes you money? This can be difficult fosor many companies. You need to start assessing what consumers are saying about your industry and gain the consensus from your target market.
        Most companies are not big enough to hire an outside marketing firm to do polling and research. The average cost for one project could be $20,000.00 to a research firm. Where does this leave … (0 comments)

james nellis: Social Fusion: The Modern Day Approach to Selling - 12/28/09 05:21 AM
This is an excerpt from Social Fusion by James Nellis
Chapter 1- Social Confusion:
      Many companies focus only on one or two forms of media and miss the opportunity to engage with today’s consumer. In recent times we have seen the major companies begin hiring “Social Media Directors” and Brand Managers in hopes of capturing the new business. Small Business owners have also gotten involved themselves trying to utilize the online tools and networks. The issue for small business owners is time and money. Even though some of the larger organizations have the financial resources to hire positions they are … (0 comments)

james nellis: Social Fusion with Spoken Word Seminars - 12/13/09 04:47 AM
    So how do you market to today's consumer? How do you speak the right language to your audience? What should a small business focus on in order to make money and professionaly service the client? The answer is found within Social Fusion. Social Fusion is a term coined by James Nellis with Spoken Word Seminars. Social Fusion is "the layering of multiple forms of media to integrate with the accessibility of today's consumer." Social Fusion focuses on the consumer, the brand and the way to truly market as a company.
     Find more about Social Fusion at: Social Fusion: … (1 comments)

james nellis: Sellabration 2009 - CRS Conference - 02/11/09 02:32 AM
WOW... What an amazing time... I know that many Realtors were unable to join us for the event. We had a great diversity represented. CRS even had over 50 Realtors from Spain at the event. Here is a photo:

Many presenters shared the stage from Howard Brinton to Bob Wolff and even Chris Bird on the upcoming tax laws that will affect everyone. I had hoped to blog on the many things I learned at Sellabration. Each panel and session brought so many things to the forefront.
We must treat Real Estate as a business. Many times it is in your best … (0 comments)

james nellis: Referral VOID - 01/22/09 10:20 AM
    There is a gap I refer to as the Referral VOID which is the chasm between knowing how to give and receive a referral and doing business the normal way. I have spent over 14 years in the Real Estate business and still marvel at how many in my profession do not understand the referral concept.
     A referral is a transference of trust from one individual to the other. So how do we not only endear trust but make sure that when given a referral that trust is not betrayed. There are 5 Key Principles to keep in mind the next … (0 comments)

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