nellis group: Utilizing Video for Home Inspections - 03/10/10 01:32 AM
Many times when you ask for items to be corrected/repaired as a result of a Home Inspection there is a big chasm. This develops as a result of the Seller believing the home is in "good" condition and the buyer concerned as a result of the inspection. We have found that with more explanation and more importantly videos/photos we have been able to clear up misunderstandings and get everyone on the same page for a win-win. Click on this video to see how The Nellis Group combines both video and photos to better represent our purchaser: … (0 comments)

nellis group: Short Sales & Seller Liabilities... - 02/21/10 03:24 AM
   I have heard many different opinions on what will happen when a seller performs a short sale... Do you know the possible outcomes? Have you relayed the correct information to each of your clients? Here is a video that describes the 3 possible outcomes:

nellis group: Alexandria Virginia - Snow Count with The Nellis Group - 02/06/10 01:47 AM
Sign up today and register to win the right amount of inches that fall just outside of our Re/Max office in Alexandria, Virginia. You must post a comment with your best guess on inches before 12 pm today.
The calculation will happen today at 4 pm... Go to  to post!!

nellis group: Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Statistics brought to you by The Nellis Group - 12/29/09 01:14 AM
     Since December Statistics are not out yet, I wanted to summarize the numbers from November 2009 for Northern Virginia.
     We wanted to compare November 2009 to November 2008. The market has seen an increase in home sales from 1,100 to 1,567 for the month of November.
     The active real estate listings are down 27% which is a reflection of buyers buying properties right now. The 2 primary contributing factors to the surge in buying:
1. Tax credit given to first time buyers and buyers who have been in their home for over 5 years
2. Interest Rates- … (0 comments)

nellis group: Referral VOID - 01/22/09 10:20 AM
    There is a gap I refer to as the Referral VOID which is the chasm between knowing how to give and receive a referral and doing business the normal way. I have spent over 14 years in the Real Estate business and still marvel at how many in my profession do not understand the referral concept.
     A referral is a transference of trust from one individual to the other. So how do we not only endear trust but make sure that when given a referral that trust is not betrayed. There are 5 Key Principles to keep in mind the next … (0 comments)

nellis group: Angie's List: Best & Worst - 01/09/09 12:52 PM
Angie's List ( is a compilation of "quality contractors, service companies and health care providers." I stumbled upon them years ago when as a Realtor I wanted to be able to recommend multiple companies to my clients. In general I have been very satisfied with their recommendations.
Recently Angie's List published their Best & Worst of 2008. It was quite comical as many of the "worst" contractors had literal mug shots from the County Jail or courthouse. To see the worst click here: Worst Contractors
Check and see if any of their Best Contractors are in your area.
If you … (0 comments)

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