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CreativNess is a Virtual Assistant company specializing in the real estate market. We are the leverage you need in your business to help you achieve your goals. We save you time and money by completing your administrative and creative designs. Visit our website and on-line shop for a full list of customized services and templates for all your real estate needs.



Here is some handy tips on your credit score that might prove beneficial to pass along to clients and prospective clients. When considering a real estate purchase, you need to have your credit score as high as possible, to ensure your chances of acquiring the home that you want. What is a credit ...
I was reading the latest edition of Inc. and came across an article discussing "How to deliver great service".  They broke it down into 10 awesome points on how you as an entrepreneur can deliver great service. 1.      Great customer service begins with you 2.      A culture of customer service m...
You know, it never ceases to amaze me how often or how easy it is to forget the true blessing we share in life everyday. How grateful we should be and thankful for all of the little things we all too often take for granted. Think you're having a bad day? Feeling stressed? Feeling like you need a ...
The nature of connecting people and business through the internet has never been more popular as it is now. The results of internet advertising are phenomenal, which explains the unique and innovative ideas currently being utilized all over the net. As strange as some offers may be, you'll always...
3d express coach bus.   Believe it or not, China is developing a fleet of enormous buses that will travel on special tracks, "over traffic, not just with it. Hence, eliminating the headache of being stuck in gridlock traffic. Can you imagine buses that actually run "on schedule"? Please send them...
Be daring, put your personality out there for all to see!  In the past, Canadians have shied away from bright vibrant colours for their living spaces, due to an uncertain economic and environmental climate, sticking with comforting neutrals like browns and beiges. In 2010-2011, they are predictin...
As of June, there was a 23% drop in the level of resale homes in the Toronto area, from June of the previous year. "The pace of home sales has moderated from record levels over the past two months with the prospect of higher mortgage rates, we experienced a record number of existing home sales du...
Thanks so much for writing this blog. THIS is what I've been trying to say. It's not "Show me the money" people. It's "Fewer Clients - More Personal Attention" Totally paying it forward and "hugging" it out. I know it's been a long time since this movie has come out, but I felt like it's time to ...
With all the concern for our planet in recent years, one of the biggest trends in the "green" categories is conserving in the bathroom. As a result of many studies, the Ontario government announced plans to mandate water saving toilets. Many municipalities are offering incentives to residents, to...
Do you eat, sleep and drink your work? Do you find you're having trouble shutting off your brain at night, thinking of ways to increase business?  You need to learn to disconnect from it all once in awhile or you will burn out. All that brainstorming will do you no good if you make yourself ill. ...

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