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CreativNess is a Virtual Assistant company specializing in the real estate market. We are the leverage you need in your business to help you achieve your goals. We save you time and money by completing your administrative and creative designs. Visit our website and on-line shop for a full list of customized services and templates for all your real estate needs.



I recently performed an assessment on a real estate team. I was hired to interview the team members, explore their daily activities and discuss their views on the team's performance as a whole. I spent the majority of the day with each team member. I asked questions, I observed, but mostly, I lis...
The IttyBiz Challenge... Once upon a time, a year or so ago, I was surfing a Virtual Assistant forum where someone had posted a comment about this really cool blog that indeed, I must check out and follow. So...I did. OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Holy Crap! I felt like I'd been sucked into another world. He...

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