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CreativNess is a Virtual Assistant company specializing in the real estate market. We are the leverage you need in your business to help you achieve your goals. We save you time and money by completing your administrative and creative designs. Visit our website and on-line shop for a full list of customized services and templates for all your real estate needs.



In order to become a top producing real estate agent, you must know how to implement some key factors within your business. I have talked about these things in great detail – creating a flawless real estate system, How to add value in the lives of your clients’ and how to mange your time. Sometim...
I am completely stoked to introduce November’s business spotlight. I know you might be thinking “Hold on Ness, it’s only October.” I know. I just couldn’t wait. Dilly Dally {Photography} I first met Ally at my children’s school and was completely captivated by her gentle nature and warm heart.  I...
For all the times I have tried to explain the importance of social media, this video puts everything I have said and believe in into perspective. Check it out.
Hey Everyone,    I just wanted to pose a question to everyone out there. If you could just comment and provide your two cents, I would greatly appreciate it.    WHY DO YOU THINK HOME SELLERS BECOME DISSATISFIED WITH THEIR AGENTS? Thanks for your help!

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