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CreativNess is a Virtual Assistant company specializing in the real estate market. We are the leverage you need in your business to help you achieve your goals. We save you time and money by completing your administrative and creative designs. Visit our website and on-line shop for a full list of customized services and templates for all your real estate needs.



I am wondering if it is at all possible to have the option to post-date blog posts? My life would be so much less complicated if this option was available.    This is my wish...   That is all...    
I don’t know about you, but I certainly had a beautiful Christmas holiday. I cannot however, believe how fast the time has past. I truly hope however you celebrate the holiday season, you took time for yourself and your loved ones. New Year’s Resolution Anyone? About this time of year, everyone s...
This holiday season remember cyber criminals aggressively create new ways to steal money and personal information. Scammers use many techniques to fool potential victims, including; Fraudulent Classified Ads and Auction Sales Fraudsters receive an order from a victim, charge the victim’s credit c...
Effective listening is an essential and valuable skill. Unfortunately becoming a good listener takes time and practice. 3 Stages to Listening Hearing:  Hearing just means listening enough to catch what the speaker is saying. For example, say you were listening to a report on zebras, and the speak...
With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure you’re feeling the stress. Year end drive to meet sales goals. Planning for 2012. Holiday shopping. Social events. Phew! This time of year people tend to spread themselves too thin – we’re trying to be everything to everyone – especially Real Estate...
We are excited to share with you December’s Business Spotlight. This month, we welcome Safe Air Ontario – a company dedicated to removing those pesky odors from your home. Check them out below and please do share this information with your family, friends, and Associates. Safe Air Ontario’s Missi...
  Effective communication skills are essential for success in real estate. Clear communication is the foundation of a good agent-client relationship however communication is only successful when both the sender and the receiver understand the same information.    Here are 5 tips for effective com...
Hey Folks, Can you believe how quickly the holiday season has come upon us? I know I can't. I wanted to send out a quick message to let you know of our last minute special. If you still haven't gotten your Christmas mass mailing out - don't fret! Shoot us over a quick email and we will have it do...

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