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  Many of you hear things on the news about New Orleans, some of it is true and some of it is not. It tends to become twisted and you wonder if its the same place that I live. it gets pretty wild at times. The experiences will surely last a life time and there were few dull moments. You just have...
According to a recent survey New Orleans and Louisiana has a lot of fat people if you believe the numbers. It is most likely true as people here like to eat and cherish the meals, several of them per day. It could be the food we eat, it could be the fact that most humid places have more fat peopl...
I am always intrigued where I get clients from and what areas of the country from my website. I got another call from a person in area code 415 which is the San Francisco Bay area. This is about the 15th time this has happened. I have closed several properties and know the people are serious. New...
    As urban areas become more popular with young professional buyers, it also becomes an area where people are beginning to look at these areas as second home choices. Not everyone wants a home on the beach or the mountains. They may be too far away. They may not want that lifestyle. I am sellin...
I have never concentrated much effort on expireds in the past. I know some people work these on a regular basis. Since there are going to be more and more availiable do any of you have plans to call on expireds on a regular basis. Few in this market do. I do remember one agent who would call me a...
I have been so busy the past 3 years getting back to prospecting can be fun. I thought the bottom was going to fall out of our market last year so I continued to work. Having a sale per week does not leave a one person team a lot of tiime. I am working on the websites again... Making calls on pas...
Having neighborhood pages on your website can give you a prrsonality much like a blog. You can feature things that many people miss. Doing business in an urban and historic city like New Orleans give those who like history and cameras a chance to express themselves. A photo with a brief descripti...
One of the things I learned from blogging is to put your thoughts about your local market on paper or in this case keeping your neighborhood pages of your website updated. This took me about 10 minutes to update to give my quick assessment of the New Orleans Warehouse District market in my own wo...
Hurricane Dean is going somewhere? I pray its not hear nor anywhere else where some lives. Everyday we still talk and see what Katrina did to the Gulf Coast. Come tommorow we will know more. As we talk many companies are making plans to shut down the oil platforms in the Gulf. Hurricanes in the G...
In all the excitement of rates, subprimes, and foreclosures we have to have some common sense inot why thsese things tend to happen. In most areas of the country the prices are in direct correlation of what people earn and can expect to earn. There are pockets where jobs and incomes matter less b...

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