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One of the favorite local foods of South Louisiana and New Orleans is the shrimp. Just started thinking about it as I am going to buy me 4-5 pounds tommorow. The are great just sauted with butter and spices for about 10 minutes in an iron skillet. They are sold locally in pick up trucks in ice ch...
    I was wondering how many internet leads you get to your real estate site before you close a deal.  A lead is where you get a name, e-mail address and maybe a phone number. You have to remember many will never    e-mail you back for what ever reasons. Some may never move to your area? Some are...
 The New Orleans French Quarter is a very hard area to price because all the units are so different, parking is rare, many of the units have not been updated to today's standards, balconies are important, views are of course important. This is not subdivision pricing. High ceilings, large windows...
Louisiana State bond money for Louisiana Teachers is hard to beat. You get a set rate of 6.25% plus the bond authority is going to give you a credit for your loan amount. If You borrow 150k then you will get a credit for $6000 which will more than cover your closing cost on a condo. Its availiabl...
    I sell a lot of Condos in the New Orleans Market but the Cotton Mill Condos has been the the place I have sold the most. A couple of reasons is that they are moderately priced and have amenties that many smaller complexs cannot afford to have. You can still get a nice updated unit for under 2...
In the center of the New Orleans Warehouse District is the 700 S. Peters Condos. The units cover the entire block of 700 South Peters and are a couple of blocsk away from Convention Center Blvd Harrahs Casino. There is garage parking on the first floor. The security in the  building is second to ...
Even though it was 80 degrees today the fans are ready for the holdiays. The Tiger Fans are always talking about next year but LSU has one more game left against the Buckeyes for the Championship game in New Orleans in a couple of weeks. The Sugar Bowl is played the week before and the town will ...
Putting things in perspective is hard for Politicians to do? The unfunded liability of Social Security and Medicare is currently at 45 trillion and has just increased by a trillion this past year. $45,000,000,000,000. Our government spends every dime we send in on the present social security outf...
December of 2007 can be one of my better months in real estate. I thought having LSU in the title gain was enough good luck for me. However I have 3 accepted offers this week and wrote another offer today. That will be 4 in less than 7 days. 3 will close by the end of the year. The phone has been...
How many other cities in America can say they decreased property tax rates for 2008. A 27% reduction is great for people who own a home or condo in New Orleans. If you paid $1800 last , in 2008 you will pay $1284.44. The value of your home may have changed but people buying recently are getting a...

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