buyers: Getting ready for the weekend - 08/15/08 03:14 PM
     Well well well.  The week goes by so fast.  Now enter the weekend.  Oh yes, get ready for the Open House this Sunday!  Oops.  It is sooo easy to get caught up during the week calling clients and customers (potential clients), sending and returning e-mails, networking, running errands while out grabbing a bite to eat, researching the local market, playing with son in evening, communicating daily "happenings" with wife, catching some sleep, losing sleep... 
     Wow.  Now it's Friday night, Toastmasters in the morning, getting computer fine-tuned in the afternoon, watching son while wife tries to have a life with friends later … (5 comments)

buyers: No more DPA - Are you kidding me? - 07/22/08 03:03 AM
It is coming to our attention that "DPA's" - Seller Funded Down-Payment Assistance programs could very well be "outlawed" by Congress.  I am going to keep this blog both brief and for fellow Realtors others in the Real Estate community as well as the public because I know that there thousands of you out there feel quite strongly about the issue on both sides of the fence.  Feel free to add to this blog everyone's "justification" for the existence or the eradication of these programs.  We need to start a real dialogue - fast.
For the record, it is my understanding that … (23 comments)

buyers: Attention Buyers...Motivations and Myths (Part 1 of 2) - 06/18/08 03:47 AM
 This portion provides you 3 common myths buyers have in a buyers market. I would like to provide what I call the Top 13 Reasons people are motivated to buy a home. I also provide you with 3 common myths buyers have in a buyers market. Motivations Top 13 Reasons People are motivated to buy a Home
1. Relocation – A buyer might be relocating, due to work or other changes
2. Dissatisfaction – The neighborhood has changed “for the worse,” living with in-laws or other family, too far from schools or work, in run down or high-rent properties
3. Positive … (2 comments)

buyers: Attention Buyers...or Prospective Buyers (Part 2 of 2) - 06/18/08 03:44 AM
 Funny thing about timing. Sometimes we’re on, sometimes we’re off. When it comes to real estate, regardless of the choices and consequences, some of us made money and some of us lost money. As if watching the rising temperatures, price of gas, food and basic commodities wasn’t enough to be concerned with, many of you are stressing out trying to figure out “if it really is the time” to get out there and buy a house. Before answering that, let’s see what David Reed, author of Mortgage 101 and Mortgage Confidential, has to say about “The Best Time to Lock in … (0 comments)

buyers: Looking at the Numbers, 04/18/08 - 04/17/08 04:16 PM
Okay, let’s live in the moment.  There is much talk of a recession in the news.  Most of us at least feel the pinch every time we go to the gas station to get gas, or go to the grocery store and pay $5.00 for a gallon of milk, $2.50 for a loaf of bread.  Then at some point the discussion goes to the “economy”, and ultimately real estate.  The national media can be informative but...Anyway; I’m not going to go there.  “Is it the right time to buy?”  “Am I going to lose money?”  The government is seriously revamping its … (0 comments)


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