property management: AirBnB and Fire Codes in Newport, RI - 08/13/18 02:17 PM
Newport, RI Stiffens Fire Safety Requirements for AirBnB Properties
The Summer of '18 was a distressing one for many AirBnB property owners in Newport, Rhode Island. Property owners across the city opened notices from the Building Inspector's office telling them they were not approved for registration as a short term rental. The reason? 
As a local AirBnB manager I have clients who received this notice. When they asked for more information they received this email from the Building Inspector's office in Newport: 
Be advised that unless you live within the dwelling unit while the renters are there it is considered a “change of use” under RI … (1 comments)

property management: Security Deposits as Last Month's Rent? - 09/14/17 09:21 AM
Should you let your tenant apply the security deposit to last month's rent? 
Moving is expensive, whether you're moving into a new home or moving from one apartment to the next. A tenant has to come up with first month's and a security deposit in Rhode Island, and in Massachusetts they might have to have both first and last month's rent PLUS a security deposit PLUS a lock change fee. 
Most of us don't have large sums of cash in the bank meaning it's a scramble to get ready for the new spot. Tenants often as the landlord if the landlord will apply … (1 comments)

property management: Landlords and Return of the Security Deposit - 05/06/17 03:19 PM
**** Whoops!! If you're looking for the blog post about Pet Deposits - CLICK HERE - Sorry for the misdirect! 
Nothing is more stressful, for either the landlord or the tenant, than the end of lease conversations around the return of a security deposit. The tenant is worried about what the landlord is going to withhold, and the landlord is worried about the condition of the apartment and the oftentimes acrimonious conversations with the former tenant around condition of the apartment and the cost to make it rentable again.
This blog is for Landlords. What are your rights as a Landlord and how does the return of … (2 comments)

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