I just wanted to write a quick post letting fellow activerain members in Northern California know that we are thinking of them. I cannot begin to imagine the many emotions the homeowners in that area must be feeling knowing that the fires are threatening their homes but I hope everyone is safe.
We finally have a Buyers' Market -- so why aren't the buyers' buying? How can we call it a buyer's market if the buyers aren't buying...Recenlty an associate of mine was showing a property - finally finding the perfect home for her clients.  When they went back for an additional showing to measur...
Did anyone read the Yahoo article this week about the hybrid car in California where the owner was getting 100 miles per gallon with his car?  The driver achieved this amazing feet by driving the speed limit, coasting down hills and turning his car off at long red lights.  I ran a small experimen...
This weekend our area had an intense heat wave with temperatures in the high 90's and humidity that turned the nicest hair into a ball of frizz!  I am not a fan of showing listings in intense heat as I feel that the customers are uncomfortable and a bit distracted by the heat...I am wondering how...
So it looks like this coming election we will be making the decision to vote for either McCain or Obama, both who are respectable candidates.  What are everyone's thoughts on the outcome of the democratic primary?  Did Hillary fight a fair fight and was she diplomatic in her speech tonight (I wil...

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