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It’s time to enjoy the Summer!Wherever you are. Whatever you do. Whether you’re taking a vacation in a tropical island or having a barbecue or a pool party or a picnic.There’s always a reason to keep in touch and let people know what you’re up to.If you are thinking that sending greeting cards ar...
We know that you WANT to follow up, that you MEAN to follow up…that you are just BUSY! We get it! What if there was a SYSTEM that would follow up with personal greetings like Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Thank You…that you could set and forget. Let the system do the time-consuming work for yo...
You’re almost halfway through 2018, are you still on track towards hitting your goals? The end of the second quarter is a great time to assess all the developments you’ve made during the first part of the year, both professionally and personally. It’s the perfect time to recollect all the learnin...
Summer (noun): the season of blue skies, denim shorts, plus a golden tan. Who could resist the call of the beach that generously offers a great escape from the BUSY world? You just have to go!Summer is just like any other season only lazier. Studies show that productivity at work drops by 20 perc...
How do you make sure you accomplish the most important of tasks that generates revenue for your business?  Time is of the essence however big or small your enterprise is. In a very busy world that we live in, how do you know the sequence in performing your daily tasks?I would like to share some o...
To achieve what others achieve, do what they do, only better. If you want more sales, do what the Guinness Book of World Records’ Greatest Salesman in the World, Joe Girard, did. “I like you!” This was Joe Girard’s standard message whenever he sent out 13,000 cards to his customers every month. J...
How DO you do it all?  You have BIG GOALS. You get up in the morning, with a plan to get things done and move closer to your goals!Your tasks are broken down into manageable chunks, you are ready to make huge progress, then…it starts to happen.Phone calls you weren’t expecting. Emails with people...
Do you still handwrite your cards? I mean with a pen using your own hand. Handwriting your messages adds a personal touch and emotion to your cards and your recipients would surely love to see your unique handwriting when they receive them..There’s nothing wrong with this old-fashioned way of wri...
Goals are funny things. They don’t work unless you do..Your achievements for the first quarter of 2018 set the tone on how your business will perform for the remaining three quarters..Give yourself a pat on the back if you were able to keep up with your goals. Set a higher bar for the next hurdle...
It’s the Tax Season again and you only have until April 17 to file your tax returns.  This is the time of the year when you launch another crusade. A search to find that last piece or pieces of receipts to make the most out of your deductions. You won’t stop and ready to go through a nightmarish ...

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