reos: Bank Owned Home With RV Parking in Kuna (Boise Suburb) Idaho - 12/21/10 03:01 AM
Check out more Boise Property for sale at OR for free recorded information about Boise property for sale call 1-888-301-5842 Price Reduced!!! Clean Bank Owned Property Move-in Ready! Check out more Boise Property for sale at OR for free recorded information about Boise property for sale call 1-888-301-5842 … (1 comments)

reos: Sometimes Saving Money is Easier Than Making It! - 12/17/10 03:55 PM
The current residential and commercial real estate markets have created an environment where it is perhaps easier to save money than it is to make money.  I always encourage fiscal conservation, however it seems that in today's economic environment it is easier for most of us to find ways to save money by cutting expenses than it is to make money in the real estate industry.
I encourage each of you to consider ways to examine your business models and look for ways to reduce your monthly expenses.  In doing so, you are essentially giving yourself a raise by increasing the amount … (5 comments)

reos: Experience REALLY Counts in This Market! - 12/05/10 03:33 AM
Shortsales, Foreclosures, Deed-in-Lieu, Loan Modifications, HAMP, HARP, and a host of others industry terms have only recently become common vocabulary.  Many of these terms have been around a long time, however they have become much more common because of current market conditions. The Real Estate Market of the last couple of years has been particularly volatile.  Because of this, it is increasingly more difficult for home sellers and buyers to know all of their options and to choose the right one for their particular situation.
Because of the number of variables and volatile market conditions (which can vary drastically from state to state, city to … (3 comments)

reos: Fannie/Freddie NEED to Spread their REOs out among Various Listing Agents! - 11/19/10 11:57 AM
Has this happened to you?!?
Lately I have had clients make offers on Freddie Mac REOs with the local Freddie Mac REO listing companies.  In Boise, as in many communities around the country, local brokerages have a virtual monopoly on listing properties for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 
The overwhelming number of REOs dumped onto our market has completely overwhelmed these listing agents. Of course, some of these REO agents are really great.  Others agents though....  Just try getting a response from them within a week or two!  We have one offer in on a Freddie Mac property and have not had a response from the listing … (0 comments)

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