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  This is an excellent and informative post that will help some homeowners in South Florida - knowledge is power!   We get so many questions about what is a DEFICIENCY JUDGMENT and how it differs from other possibilities including DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE or SHORT SALE.  Recent blogs and Broke...
Rusty Anchor located at 5th Ave, corner of Old Shrimp Road Stock Island, Key West, Florida Phone: (305) 294-5369 - Key West Florida - I love the fresh seafood - easy laid back lifestyle - just a relaxing place to be in the life of a realtor in the 21st Century. Rusty Achor just happens to be one ...
Only took three months - lots of compromising and keeping the eyes on the prize - but we got it done. The buyer was under alot of pressure because of the deadline for the first time homebuyers tax credit of $8000.00 that had to close by June 30, 2010 - I know they have extended it if the Presiden...
Many people in this country just won't speak about politics or religion - because it creates tension. People just do not like to rock the boat - argue politics is not worth it for some folks. But these times are the exception - people who never spoke out about government are now speaking out. 42%...
These democrats are turning on the President - top political pundits are now saying Obama is not doing anything he promised to do. They now concede Obama did not actually respond fast enough with the Gulf Oil Spill - still isn't helping much - just tying the hands of people who can actually make ...
Senator Robert Byrd - a United States senator for over 50 years died on Monday. He was one of the longest serving senator and the longest serving member of Congress in the history of the United States Congress. President Obama and Vice President Biden are attending  the memorial service today in ...
One of my good customers asked me for my help about four months ago. They wanted to do a loan modification and had tried three other times without success. I have a software product that puts a loan mod package or soft sale package together for the bank. It was put together by a group of attorney...
I ask myself that question everyday... I see no jobs created, government takeover of insurance, auto industry and national health care - nothing is better though. Just seeing our President betray our dear friend Israel - the only real friend we have in the region - and the President won't even ea...
Al Gore is  being accused this month by a massage therapist in Portland Oregon who claims he sexually assaulted her. The "Confidential Special Report" by the Portland Police Bureau states that he was accused of an "alleged" sexual assault by Al Gore also known as "Mr. Stone". The report actually ...
I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day - a day to go to church to celebrate the true Father in Heaven where we all learn how to be true fathers on earth. I am sure many have gone to restaurants to celebrate Dad's Day - it is what makes like enjoyable and memorable. I want to say from the bo...


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