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A commentary and analysis on market psychology and timing. I was a Remax owner for 27 years and selling real estate for over 35 years, I have followed the markets closely. Along with Elliott wave theory and various indicators I have called the top in 1987 and the bottom in 1991/92 along with the top in 2005. I successfully predicted a bottom in 2009 in our local Bergen County New Jersey markets along with ideas on our national markets.



If someone had an idea, I mean a very good idea, to get us off of oil, get our troops home, help our economy, save our environment, lower interest rate by 200 basis points. I could go on and on what it cures. Stop sending over 500 billion dollars to people who don't have our best interest in mind...
Is it going to be a long hot summer? Or is it a hot summer for real estate? The sellers are capitulating to the notion of a long hot slow summer. However, as you can read in my prior entries on this blog page, it may be a hot summer for real estate. Speaking of Northern Bergen county area, I see ...
       Oil, runs it all, don't let anyone fool you. It runs it all. Many economists say it is not the same as the 70's. Well as you will find if you read my blog, nothing is ever exactly the same. That's what makes it challenging to follow. Yes, it is not the same percentage of our economy as it ...
I was 21 years old. My family thought I was crazy to buy a house. They all said rent!  Look, interest rates were at a major high, I think an all time high for mortgages. It was early 1974, Nixon already took us off the gold standard and wage price controls were the talk of the day. Interest rates...
Years ago a friend of mine described how dumb a turkey was. I never verified this but it sounded good. He said that if you fired a gun at a group of turkeys, they would run toward the gun to find out what the noise was about.  He went on to say if turkeys were in a pen and they ran from a dog the...
Very few people really know when its time to step up and buy. And fewer even know when it is best to sell. I have seen older folk living on 5 million dollars worth of land, free and clear, not have food to eat. I had customers visit me over the years, new project to new project and never buy unti...
Many things drive markets but other then extreme new events (wars, natural catastrophes etc.), the most dominant is price, time and carry. If prices move up or down it will attract people to the market. If time goes by with little interest, it eventually will attract people to the market. This is...
When will the real estate market bottom? Originally published April 8th 2008   in Selling real estate for over 30 years, developing real estate, trading stock index futures, using Elliott Wave theory and a host of psychological indicators, had prepared me for picking a ...

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