maui real estate for sale: Magical Maui Islands, have you ever been experienced? - 09/16/09 05:42 AM
Magical Maui Island have you ever been experienced!

I can't tell you how many times I have talk to people about how lucky we are to own Maui real estate in the Hawaiian Islands. People are drawn to Maui for diffenent reasons.  Some are looking for the mystical Maui experience.  I remember when I first came to Maui, I was looking to live in a grass shack on the beach.  Be able to get up each morning and paddle out and surf.  Ok let's throw in the beautiful island girl, and a cool pick-up truck. Lets roll the … (1 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Maui Real Estate Update! - 09/03/09 07:16 AM
Maui Real Estate, Picking up in 2nd half of 2009
What is happening in the Maui real estate market? I do believe we are seeing inventory moving in the lower end of the market.  A condo in Kihei Villages that sold for $270K in 2005, is now a short sale priced at $175K and selling close to list price.   The high end you have Hoolei Wailea Maui condominium last year closing over $3M, and recently a short sale closing at $2,100,000. 
Another great deal in Hoolei is unit F-4 priced at $2,195,000 incredible price.  So here and there are some fantastic prices for Maui homes … (4 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Winter Waves Arrive Early On Maui- Maui's Northshore Homes - 08/30/09 10:01 AM

It's the end of August on Maui.  Summer on Maui has been beautiful, with breezy sunny days and warm water. Yesterday on Maui's North Shore we had our first taste of winter.  We had our first early season winter north swell.  Waves heights were over head.  It was a little-disorganized swell, but a swell is a swell. 
My son tearing it up. Pro Surfer
Today cleaned up a bit and everyone was out enjoying the surf.  So I hope this is a sign of good surf for us all this winter. Winter time for my family is game time.  My son will be out … (5 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Haiku Maui Homes For Sale - 08/06/09 05:50 PM
   Haiku Maui Homes For Sale, Maui's Northshore!

Haiku Maui real estate market offers a varity of homes to choose from.  Prices can start in the $500K
range and run up to $4 million on an average. It is the country life that draws people to Haiku. House
lots start at 7,000 sq ft, up to large agricultrual lots.  There current is a large inventory of tropical homes
available on the market.  Haiku has a few planned neighborhood like Haiku Hill, Haiku Makai and West
Kuiaha Meadows which is a gated community. If you perfer to be … (2 comments)

maui real estate for sale: In Search of Great Properties in Maui! Kula Homes to Wailea Condos - 05/17/09 06:30 AM
I know with this current market Buyers have been taking a wait and watch position.  Up till now, I think that was a great call.  But what I am seeing now is some great buys turning up in the market.  If you wanted to buy Wailea Condo, Hoolei Wailea Maui Townhomes has incredible buys currently.  A lot of units are priced under what they paid last year.
Upcountry Maui offers Kula Maui homes for sale in a variety of price ranges and properties.  There is a beautiful home on 1.5 acres, a brand new home priced under $1.2M  Did  I mention panoramic ocean views.  … (0 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Wailea Elua Condominium Maui-Wailea Real Estate Listings - 03/22/09 03:34 PM

Wailea Elua offers beautiful oceanfront units with outstanding ocean views from this quality oceanfront property.  Elua is a must see! Spacious grounds with a wonderful tropical presence.
Units in Elua are well maintained, and vacation rental ready. Wailea Elua is in the process of putting the finishing touches on the main pool and pavilion area. Beachfront does not get any better than Wailea Elua.  Prices range from $1M to $3.5M.  To view all currently listed properties check this link Wailea Elua.

Steve can provide you with up to date information on all oceanfront condos for sale in Wailea Resort.  I work with Elite Pacific Properties, #1 in luxury home sales … (1 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Windsurfing in Maui! - 02/22/09 09:45 PM
Maui is a lot of things to a lot of people.  There is a group of Maui visitors that come every year to wind surf.  Down at Hookipa Beach Park or Kanaha Beach park is where everyone hangs out.  You will meet on any given day, people from all over the world.  This guy is from Switzerland, and this is his second season here.
Then there is the local community of windsurfers.  Living here you meet all the local pros that shop, eat, raise their families and just do life.  The center of all sports is the shops, may it be golf … (2 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Looking for Maui Realtor - 02/21/09 06:58 AM
If you are reading this blog you might be in the market for Maui real estate.  This can be staggering task.  It is real important that you have a good pulse on whats happening in the Maui real estate market.  While we are experiencing economic hard times.  Its important to know the local market.
 Haiku Home
What I bring to the table as a Realtor is years of experience on Maui.  I have lived and worked on Maui for over 36 years, and been activity involved in the community.  Prior to real estate, I have 15 years experience as a licensed contractor on … (0 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Winter Season on Maui! - 02/17/09 06:03 PM
It is now February in Maui, and we are enjoying a beautiful winter.  I talk to travelers from the cold country and they mention how we don't have the four seasons.  That may be, but we do have a change from winter to summer.  This time of year the winds blow sometimes from the north bringing cold winds.  You might even put on a sweater or dress a little warmer at night.

Winter this time of year you have the sugar cane flowering.  This to me is also a sign of winter.   Recently my daughter Meili and my wife went … (4 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Waikiki Beach, People, Tourist, Fun things to do! - 02/14/09 08:41 AM
So I live on Maui, why am I writing about Waikiki?  That's a good question.  I would never choose to live there, while some people just love it.  I am a Maui guy, I love life on Maui.  A little taste of the big city is really a lot of fun.

Waikiki is so historic, you can actually find history and old buildings with a story to tell of Hawaii from the past.  In the early 1900's you traveled by steamer ship to arrive in Oahu.

You had people like Will Rogers and Shirley Temple that made the long … (3 comments)

maui real estate for sale: 25th Anniversary in Waikiki Island Style! - 02/12/09 10:35 PM
Okay I love being a tourist.  It's my wife Ivy and mine 25th anniversary and we headed to Oahu famous Waikiki Beach.

It is really an amazing place, with so much to do.  We stayed at our favorite hotel The Moana Surf Rider Hotel.  It was first open in 1901.

I really enjoy all the tourist.  The Japanese really have a lot of fun.  I love their sense of style and having fun.  Here is a couple on there way to get married.
 Very handsome couple
The beaches are just beautiful in Waikiki.  There might be a thousand people … (5 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Hana Report For Maui Events - 02/08/09 12:20 AM
The Great Maui Whale Festival!
February 7-28, 2009
Maui celebrates the Great Maui Whale Festival, and 2009 with, Run for the Whales, Parade of Whales, Whale Day Celebration, the Great Whale Count and more!  For more information go to  Each winter 4,000 humpback whales come to Maui each year to mate, give birth and nurture their new born to our delight.
The PGA Tour Mercedes-Benz Championship finished up this week end.  Congratulation goes out to the winner,  Geoff Ogily.
The 2009 annual Haiku Flower Festival will be held on March 14, 2009 at the Haiku Community … (2 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Buying a home on the North Shore of Maui! - 02/03/09 07:02 AM
It currently is winter time on Maui.  As I write this article, we are having an island rain and the wind is blowing hard.  The North Shore of Maui is a unique part of the island.  I was talking with an owner in Wailea.  His comment on the Northshore is that's where the real people of Maui live.  Interesting statement from a Wailea resident.  I think what he was getting at is on the north shore people live year around and raise their families.  Maui's north shore offers a unique island living.  It draws the sportsman, the artistic, spiritual, farmer, and … (3 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Winter Season In Maui, Hawaii! - 01/21/09 08:51 AM
Winter Season in Maui!
I would have to say that winter time is my favorite time in Hawaii.  The weather patterns are always changing, giving way to southerly winds, and brisk beautiful mornings.  You will experience days when Haleakala Crater and the West Maui mountains are so clear and beautiful!  Maui has been offering up gorgeous beach days on both sides of the island.

I was driving back to the north shore from a Kihei open house at Kauhale Makai condominium.  The south winds were really blowing hard.  I stop to watch the kite boarders, and windsurfers in front … (1 comments)

maui real estate for sale: "2009 Ecomony" might not be as bad as the media is saying! - 12/27/08 08:47 AM
I was reading this morning on MSN about the economy.  They were saying that it might not be as bad as the media is painting.  They stated five reason why!
1. Plunging oil prices, more money in your pocket.
2.  Falling mortgage rates.
3. Actions by Federal Reserve, They say they will do anything to strengthen the economy.
4.  Obama's Stimulus Package to get people back to work.
5. America's deep fundamental hard working work ethics.  They see United States as the most competitive economy in the world.
So there is not all bad news, there is a ray of sunshine.
To … (0 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Steve's Maui Holiday Sweet Potatoes Casserole! - 12/21/08 11:44 AM
Island Flavor , Steve's Holiday Sweet Potatoes!   This year I have been working a lot in my organic garden.  We all need a life, this is one of the things I love to do is garden.  So here is my garden favorite!
 Steve's Holiday Sweet Potatoes Casserole! Okay, so you're asking can you really cook.  Well, I really enjoy fresh greens out of my garden.  It has led to a few creative dishes that I like. So here is my Holiday Sweet Potatoes Casserole. 1. First you need fresh yams, boil till they are half cooked.  Use a fork to check, they should slip … (3 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Maui Beaches, A Cure For Cold Winters! - 12/18/08 12:06 AM
Talking to my friend in Colorado, winter has set in.  He was saying that it is 5 degrees, with 50 hour winds.  Okay Rocky mountain high in the winter sounds cold if you are not snowboarding to me.  Northern Calif is in the 30's, call me crazy, but I am feeling pretty lucky to enjoy some of Maui finest beaches in the world.

I know we are in a slow market, but because of our perfect weather and incredible beaches.  People just love it here.

People of all ages love to get into the water.

Even the … (1 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Maui Real Estate Market, Great Buys Upcountry Maui! - 12/11/08 02:54 PM

What is happening in the Maui real estate market?   Maui has always been a destination for people looking for sun and great beaches.  We are seeing some really great values on properties up country.  We are experiencing residential properties coming way off there original prices.  Take in to consideration of new low interest .  It is starting to look like a great time to buy.  To all those buyers sitting on the fence, saying we are waiting for the bottom.  Well I am saying that I am seeing some really great values upcountry and else where on Maui.  … (3 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Wailea/Makena Maui Oceanfront Homes - 12/05/08 08:38 PM
Wailea/Makena Maui oceanfront homes, offers the ambiance of luxury beachfront island living.  Our office hosted, a couple Broker's open houses yesterday in Makena.  Both homes ranged in price from $10, 500,000 up to $12,999,000, for two incredible Makena oceanfront properties.
The quality in every detail is top of the line.  Designs by some of Maui finest architects, and quality builders.  Their signature, is custom wood ceilings, completed in exotic woods.  Travatine stone floors, and native woods for kitchen cabinets.
I love how the out doors is just an extension from the living room offering an open air feeling.
Step out from your living room to this … (5 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Agreement of Sales, and Purchase Money Mortgage? - 11/19/08 09:45 AM
Are we going to return to the times of Jimmy Carter. If the banks don't have money to lend, then what?  In the old days business took place with trading something that represent value.  Maybe a couple of pigs to repair the wagon.  We have moved on from paying your dentist with eggs, and a side of ham.  So if lenders tighten up what are our options. 
To start with, a lot of owners do have equity in their properties.  I remember the second piece of property I bought in Maui, was an agreement of sale.  I was able to put 20% … (4 comments)

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