maui real estate for sale: Sunrise experience with Maui Turtles! - 07/09/08 01:36 PM
I had to get ready for the morning session at The Grand Wailea Hotel and Spa. Every once in a while I work in the lobby selling these incredible town-homes in Wailea called Hoolei.  They are luxury townhomes right across form the Grand Wailea. so I had a couple free hours in the morning so I grabed  my stand up surfboard and headed to Hookipa on the north shore.  It was a really glassy morning and there were only a couple people out in the water.
                              Looking for turtle
So I paddled over to the Pavilions break to see if any … (4 comments)

maui real estate for sale: It's finally raining on Maui! - 07/08/08 09:35 AM
It's finally raining in Maui!
I am sitting at the up desk in The shops at Wailea at our main office at The Wailea Group .I look up and it is just pouring rain. It has been really dry for months.  Wailea is actually desert area but with all the irrigation it is always lush and green.  With five world class golf courses they are kept in top shape and looking good it reminds me of sound of music with the rolling green hills. Actually in the evening you will some times see deer coming down to the golf courses … (6 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Hawaiian Volcano is active! - 07/06/08 09:52 AM
There she blows Hawaiian Volcano!
On the Big Island the Hawaiian Volcano is spewing lava. Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano is on the move. The Hawaiian volcano Observatory reported it is flowing from Nov 12th from a new outbreak.  The Halemaumau vent near Kileauea's Summit is spreading ash and levels of sulfur Dioxide. The Volcano gas is called Vog and is a problem for people with Respiratory problems. Lucky for Maui the Vog is headed south west. With the trade winds it is carried in another direction. I guess you could say that real estate is expanding on the Big Island.

maui real estate for sale: Day Off For the 4th of July on Maui - 07/05/08 09:16 AM
I was so stoked to have the day off work on the 4th. It seems like we are working harder to make less with the current market. I have talk to a lot of agents that are dead in the water. We have had slow markets before so this is nothing new. We just need to be on top of our game more. I also have found that I need to let things go that are out of our control and  just God more.

So I have the day off and I went to Kahana with my wife and went windsurfing. … (0 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Maui Air line Travel! - 07/01/08 12:22 PM
High Airfares off set by Hotel packages!
So what I keep hearing is that the airfare is way high and travelers are not taking to the skies as they usually do. So this does have a dramatic effect on the tourist industry and will eventually trickle down in resort communities. I do see a ray of hope. There is nothing like a little competition to get things moving.  I work in Wailea Maui Hawaii and what I am hearing is hotels like the Four-Seasons and Grand Wailea are offering packages to get families traveling again.
With hotels offering 5 nights … (0 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Wailea Beach Villas Wailea Maui - 06/30/08 12:48 PM
The Wailea Beach Villas in Wailea Maui Hawaii.  This is a gem located in one of the world's most beautiful beaches in Hawaii.  Lush landscaping and enchanted beaches make the Villas the exclusive resort community that is known around the world.  Wailea Beach Villas is surrounded by 5-star hotels and world class golf courses.  You are just steps away from The Shops At Wailea for dining and all your shopping needs.  The units at Wailea Beach villas range from 2000 to 3100 sqft of luxury living. 

 There are thirty eight villa units running towards the ocean. The penthouse has 60 … (0 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Ten things to consider doing for a better quality of life. - 06/29/08 11:27 AM
Ten things to consider doing for a better quality of life.
A good friend of mine is going through cancer treatment. He is in stage four of Pancreas cancer. The thing that amazes me about my friend is his love of life and extremely positive attitude. So he emailed me a top ten list that I wanted to share to encourage others as it has encouraged me. You can come up with your own list but here is Rene's list.
1. Walk 30 minutes everyday and walk with a smile.
2. When you wake up each day ask yourself what … (6 comments)

maui real estate for sale: New Maui Listing - 06/26/08 09:26 PM
I have two commerical lots for sale that are just about an acre total square footage. They are located in Haiku Maui across form Haiku Town Center. The properties are zoned M-1 for commerical use. For more information email me at The List price is $1,899,000 for both lots.

Go to to check this and other Maui real estate properties for sale
Steven Nickens R(S)GRI, ABR
The Wailea Group LLC
3750 Wailea Alanui, Suite 5WE
Wailea, Maui, Hi
Cell: 808=280-2208

maui real estate for sale: California Visit! - 06/24/08 01:41 PM
California Visit!
I just took a week off to go to my Daughters graduation at FIDM design school in downtown L.A.  The weather was over 100 degrees which is really nice if you are in a pool or at the beach. Lucky for me I had a chance to surf some over head waves in the North San Diego area. You have to love California when the weather is nice and blue skies and the ocean has that deep blue hue to it. What was really nice were the pods of dolphins that were abundant in the surf. You get … (2 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Haiku Maui Real Estate - 06/19/08 02:39 PM
Haiku Maui commercial real estate for sale!
2 commercial lots in Haiku town zoned M-1.  Both lots total almost one acre of vacant land.  This would be a great place for light commercial development.  Haiku town is set on the north shore of Maui.  This is the tropical side of the island offering lush landscape and quite north shore living. Priced at $1,899,000.
Steven Nickens R(S) GRI, ABR
The Wailea Group LLC.
3750 Wailea Alanui, suite 5WE
Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

maui real estate for sale: Copy Rights! - 06/18/08 02:21 AM
We write articles and post pictures, cut and paste. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on copy rights. I see a lot of creative and long articles. Any body have any feed back on copy rights.

maui real estate for sale: Higher interest rates and the market! - 06/16/08 06:43 PM
How will current interest rates affect the real estate market? It looks like the Feds are going to raise the 30 year loan to 6.38%.  They were saying that it most likely will not becoming down any time soon.  So the window for low interest rates looks like they are over. The reason the Federal Reserve Chairman gave for the increase rate is to cut off inflation.  So how will this affect an already slow real estate market? To compensate for higher rates I believe we will see a lowering of house values if real estate is going to sell.

maui real estate for sale: Maui Real Estate Market will survive!!!!!!! - 06/15/08 06:56 PM
What is happening in the Maui real estate market? I do believe we are different from a lot of the mainland market problems. Maui has always been a destination for people looking for sun and great beaches. The upper end of the market will not slow down but will survive.  Higher airline tickets will not make a difference to the wealthy. They will be purchasing new homes and condos.  With those purchases they will be doing a lot of remodel work. Tearing out the old lime stone floors and installing new wood or granite … (4 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Fathers Day No Reservation - 06/14/08 03:05 PM
I love it. My daughter gave me the sound track CD from the movie No Reservation.  I love the music and if you like Italian music this is a must for cooking or a quiet evening with someone special( my wife). On the other hand my daughter gave me the Best of the Beverly Hill Billies CD  I grew up with Jed, Ellie May and Granny.

maui real estate for sale: Busy Maui week end! - 06/14/08 05:56 AM
It's a beautiful day on Maui!

There are many events happening today on Maui.  The Maui Film Festival is on in Wailea Maui.  This is a Hugh event that will go on all weekend with new movies, food, music and lots of fun in Wailea. In Kihei Maui Hope Chapel is putting on a 10K run to raise money for Kit Lauer who is a senior pastor and good friend to all. He has been battling with cancer so this is a Hugh boost for him. It is also Father's Day weekend so to all you father's I hope … (2 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Is America for sale? - 06/12/08 09:26 AM
There was a story I was looking at on the Drudge report yesterday. It looks like with the weak dollar foreign money is pouring in to our country. European travelers have been spending a of money for I- Phones to luxury condos in America. The newest sale was a majority share of Manhattan's historic Flatiron Building. It was the tallest building in New York in 1902 with 22-stories.  Located on Fifth Avenue, Broadway and 23 St.  It was purchased by A top Italian real estate investor.  I also believe that the Crystler Building was also purchased by a company from the middle … (8 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Maui Real Estate Wailea Maui - 06/10/08 02:01 PM
Ho'olei Wailea Maui
Wailea Maui Hawaii is just an amazing place.  We have world class beaches and golf courses. 5-star hotels and restaurants. One of my favorite places is Ho'olei Wailea town-homes. This quality project is located across the street from The Grand Wailea Hotel and Spa.  There are 120 unit town-homes that are 2-story with elevators. They offer top of the line appliances with Wolf and Sub-Zero and Italian cabinetry.  Also included are limestone floors and granite counter tops. The living room doors are Fleetwood retraceable sliding doors that open up to a large lani and ocean views.

maui real estate for sale: Kauai Shark Attack Victim Bethany Hamilton! - 06/01/08 11:27 AM
Kauai Shark Attack victim Bethany Hamilton!
I never met Bethany but I can say this is one courageous girl.  At the age of 13 she was surfing a break with her friends called tunnels on Kauai which is a break that breaks pretty far out to sea. I know this for a fact because I have surfed out there myself.  She was attacked by a 12ft Tiger Shark that rip of her arm.  That is where the story really begins.  Today she was featured in Honolulu Advertiser about her amazing story. Five years later she is trying to qualify for the … (4 comments)

maui real estate for sale: Maui rain fall down! - 05/30/08 05:59 AM
Headed towards a drought on Maui!

Since last December and January the rain fall has been pretty low. My grass is pretty brown and I live on the rainy side of the island. U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka said that he would support the purchase of land and the establishment of 300 million gallon new reservoirs.
That would really help the housing situation being that they have not been issuing new water meters up country.  Water has always been a problem on Maui.  So let's pray for rain, but mean while the weather is great.

maui real estate for sale: Why Not Maui? - 05/29/08 06:39 AM
Maui # 1 Island Destination in the world
So what is the big fuss with Maui any way?   So what if we have some of the best beaches in the world.  The weather is in the 80's and the skies are clear and the wind is mild.  You might be into whales or how about turtles diving around you as your enjoying your morning dive.  Some people in the northwest are dreaming about owning a Wailea Maui condo and living on Maui would be great option.  It happens to be snowing in Tahoe for 2 weeks straight, you love the … (6 comments)

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