windsurfing: Winter on the North Shore of Maui - 11/28/16 10:13 PM
It's winter on the North Shore of Maui. 
  A good sign that winter has arrived on Maui, is the huge surf that hits Maui on the northshore.  We just completed the Peahi Challenge Big Wave event in 25 ft waves.  It was real exciting watching surfers throw themselves over the lip on such giant waves.  Another sign that it is winter is we just celebrate Thanksgiving on Maui.  I am almost over left overs, had a great time with the family.
 We also just had the Nova Nova Aloha Classic windsurfing contest finished couple weeks ago in pretty exciting conditions.  Windsurfers from around the … (4 comments)

windsurfing: Windsurfing on the the Island of Maui - 06/01/14 11:22 PM
 Welcome to the Island of Maui.  What makes Maui such a unique island destination is the variety of things you can do on Maui.  I have some quest staying with me that just got back from camping in Hana, and early tomorrow morning are heading up to the Haleakala Crater for the sunrise, which is an exceptional experience.  Maui has something for everyone.
Many windsurfers dream of coming to Maui to windsurf. The north shore of Maui is the center of the universe for windsurfing.  Learning to wind surf on beaches like Kanaha Beach is the perfect location for your first … (5 comments)

windsurfing: North Shore Haiku Maui - 05/29/14 08:00 PM
Haiku Maui located on the north shore of Maui. If your looking for a home in Haiku, Maui.  There are a number of fabulous Maui homes on the market. I just listed a Hawaiian design home with pool and a cottage on 2.65 acres of tropical living.                                                                                       .
Haiku Maui Homes
This is a very private and secluded Kamaina home, offering beautiful ocean views with tropical foliage. There is 1,915 sqft of living space in this three bedroom island home in Haiku with wrap around decks.
Buying homes in Haiku
Haiku Maui is with in minutes to great places to … (3 comments)

windsurfing: Experience Maui! - 04/22/14 12:15 PM

I just recently returned from New Zealand with my wife, it was our 30th anniversary.  Needless to say, three weeks in New Zealand was beautiful. I was talking to this one Kiwi, he was telling me how he has traveled all over the world.  He also mention that in all his travels Maui is the only place that he would ever consider to move to other than living in New Zealand. 

 Maui draws people from all over the world.  One of my favorite things to do is to take a trip aboard the Trilogy Excursions.  The Trilogy sails … (5 comments)

windsurfing: Island Home in Anini Beach Kauai - 04/15/14 10:22 AM

Beautiful home in Anini Beach Kauai

Beautiful Hawaiian cottage in Anini Beach Kauai.  House and artist workshop with koi pond and hot tub. Walking distance to the beach, currently a vacation rental. 

If your looking for Kauai real estate, this island home in Kauai might just be the perfect fit.  I have co-listed this property with Sleeping Giant Sotheby's Int'l Realty in Kauai.  This quality home is listed at $1,750,000.  For more information about exotic home in Anini Beach, give me a call.  My name is Steven Nickens, if your also looking for real estate in Maui, you can … (2 comments)

windsurfing: Maui Northshore Oceanfront Homes-Paia Maui Homes - 02/12/14 06:49 PM
Maui Northshore Oceanfront Homes
Living on the northshore of Maui is a unique island experience.  What sets it a part from the rest of the island of Maui, is the people, surf, and the waterman that call the northshore home.  People from all over the world come to Maui to windsurf for one. 
Maui is known for being call the mecca of windsurfing at world famous Hookipa Beach.  On any given day you will find the world's best windsurfers out tearing up the surf. Guys like Matt Pritchard and Levi Siver. Then you have industry companies like Goya Windsurfing and Nasih Sails both company owners … (6 comments)

windsurfing: Buying Homes in Haiku Maui-Haiku Real Estate - 12/11/13 10:33 PM

Buying homes in Haiku Maui takes a little local knowledge.  Are you looking to be close to the beach?  Maybe your looking for a little land to enjoy the outdoors and gardening.  Finding that perfect Haiku home,  maybe with a plantation style home with oceanviews.  This is where local knowledge makes a big difference.
Having lived on the northshore of Maui for close to 40 years you learn the neighborhoods and know where to look for homes in Haiku that would be a prefect fit for new home buyers.  If your looking to buy a home in Haiku Maui you can start your search … (6 comments)

windsurfing: Buying a Home in Haiku Maui - 09/03/13 05:15 PM
If your thinking about buying a home in Haiku Maui it is one of the jewels of Maui.  You will discover tropical setting with lush environment for island living.  Haiku is with in minutes to Hookipa Beach Park for windsurfing and surfing.  You are also minutes away from Paia town for shopping and good grinds.

There is a variety of homes starting with pricing and location.  Homes in Haiku start in the mid $400K range and up over million dollars for luxury homes.  One of my favorite homes in all Maui for sale is the Haiku Estate. Haiku Estate offers over 39 … (0 comments)

windsurfing: Windsurfing Kite Boarding and Surfing in Maui - 07/03/13 07:46 AM
Maui Watersports Windsurfing, Kiteboarding and Surfing.
I was just talking to a friend who was talking about how we live in such a special place on Maui.  He was mentioning how people fly into Maui from all over the world to enjoy our island lifestyle.  Many people come here for Maui's ocean sports.  Windsurfing became a rage in the 80's with guys like Mike Waltz and the Simmer brothers tearing up the surf at places like Hookipa Maui, world famous for excellent wind and waves.

Surfing roots started in Hawaii and Maui is no exception.  Maui offers amazing surf in winter … (1 comments)

windsurfing: Maui North Shore-Keeping it Real-Windsurfing-Surfing-Country Living - 05/02/13 02:53 PM
Maui North Shore Community

Above is my oldest son, marketing manager Dakine.
Maui northshore community is made up of homes in Spreckelsville to Haiku Maui.  Maui's north shore draws people from all over the world to enjoy the wind and the surf Maui has to offer.  Hookipa Beach Park is a world famous wave for windsurfing and surfing alike. Here is my son Micah taking care of business at the point at Hookipa
Listing of homes in Haiku Maui For Sale 
The North Shore of Maui is a island destination for windsurfers and kiters a like. On a windy day some of the best windsurfers in … (0 comments)

windsurfing: Aloha Friday on Maui - 03/22/13 10:40 AM
It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday!
Well that's how the song goes no work till Monday. As Realtor on Maui that isn't always the case. 

Well I am not surfing today, but the surf is firing on Maui. Here is a photo of me from last year.   This in Hawaii is called a board meeting. Tomorrow morning if the surf holds I will get out there early in the morning.
 Aloha Friday for many its time to hit the beach and relax. Many on Maui load up their trucks with coolers, surfboards, sailboards and beach chairs and hit the … (10 comments)

windsurfing: Hugh Surf on Maui's Northshore! - 10/12/12 10:10 AM

Winter has begun and a sure way to tell its winter is big surf. Couple days ago world famous Jaws big wave riding spot delivered some amazing surf.  I decided I better get down there and capture some of the action on film.  You have big wave surfers flying in from around the world.  Kids 18 years old throwing them selves over the edge screaming down the face. 
Then there are the big wave tour guys that chase hugh surf around the world.  Guys like Ian Walsh Maui's own and Shane Dorian from the Big Island that are professional big wave surfers. … (0 comments)

windsurfing: Winter Surf has arrived on Maui-Homes in Haiku Maui - 10/10/12 07:14 AM

The first sign of winter on Maui is when the north shore of Maui starts getting surf.  On top of that we been having prefect weather, sunny days with no wind.  I been enjoying an early surf every day at Hookipa Beach Park. Hookipa is famous for windsurfing on Maui and great surf.  Living in Haiku Maui it's just minutes away from Hookipa.  That is what I love about living on the Maui's Norhthshore.  If the northshore of Maui might be a place you might call home.  There are some great values with homes in Haiku.  Starting from small plantation home in … (2 comments)

windsurfing: Maui Northshore Island Living- Homes in Haiku Maui - 07/19/12 06:10 AM
Maui Northshore Island Living.
My son Nate tearing it up.
I love life on Maui's Northshore.  It has a more kicked back life style. The people you get to know over the years become life long friends.  This morning I had a early surf before work.  You will find the farmer, lawyer and professor from the University of Hawaii out most morning.
The north shore crowd is a mix of surfers, standup paddlers, windsurfers and kiters. Ok there is also everyone one else who just loves the North Shore life style.  For me this is where my wife and I raise our family and … (7 comments)

windsurfing: Great Day of Windsurfing on Maui - 06/06/12 03:14 PM
It was a great day of windsurfing on Maui today.  Wednesday is my mid-week windsurfing day.  I love to head down to Kanaha for a couple hours windsurf session.  Many might enjoy a mid week golf session, but not for those that love a good windsurf session with perfect winds.

I love heading down to Kanaha when the wind is perfect and the water is pristine, today was one of those days.  Whats really is cool is I also run into good friends that I sail with, and even clients that love to windsurf on Maui.  So there you go, a … (5 comments)

windsurfing: Back Home to Maui Hawaii - 06/01/12 10:09 AM
You know Maui is just an incredible place to live, but everyone needs to get a way from their daily routine.  For me it is a trip to Costa Rica with my wife for 2 weeks.  Great beaches, excellent surfing, nature hikes and eating a lot of great food.  All good things must come to an end. Back to work selling Maui real estate.

In case your wondering, this is up at the volcano in Costa Rica.  Love the hot springs.  Anyway back to the grueling pace on Maui.  Yesterday I had a board meeting with a client in Spreckelsville … (3 comments)

windsurfing: Maui's North Shore Windsurfing at Hookipa Beach- Maui Northshore Life - 03/19/12 08:13 AM
Maui's North Shore Windsurfing at Hookipa Beach Park, Spreckelsville and Kanaha Maui!
You know I just love getting in the water to windsurf or paddle out for a good surf.  Maui's Northshore offers the best of both worlds.  I was driving by Hookipa Beach last week, and the wind was howling.  Hookipa is expert level only, I surf there but my windsurfing levels are not up to waves at Hookipa.  The problem is you can easily end up on the rocks.  Maui's Northshore is a play ground for so many different water sports. I love shooting footage of Hookipa and Jaws big wave … (5 comments)

windsurfing: Maui's North Shore Ocean Front Homes To Windsurf and Kitesurfing - 03/10/12 06:08 AM
Maui's North Shore is famous for surfing, windsurfing and Kiteboarding.  If you are looking for that perfect Maui oceanfront real estate to launch into the surf from your front yard, give me a call.  There are a number of amazing oceanfront properties in Speckelsville, Paia Town and Kuau.
What I love about living on Maui's Northshore is the life style and People.  Before I head out to work some days I will paddle out for a quick surf in the morning, then off to work.  You always meet the same crew getting in a few waves before work.  If the surf is … (0 comments)

windsurfing: Maui Real Estate Up-Country and North Shore Maui Homes - 03/04/12 09:05 AM
Maui has another side to it other than beautiful sunny beaches and resorts.  Some folks long for rolling hills, and lush tropical setting.  My self my office is in Wailea, but I hang my hat in the country.
This is Tiny my wrangler daughters horse. Many folks really enjoy having horses, raising a garden and enjoying the country life.  My self I am a gardener, love surfing and windsurfing on Maui North Shore.  Maui's laid back country lifestyle draws people from many different walks of life.
There are the thrill seekers, this is my son Nate.  Loves to surf, works as a computer … (3 comments)

windsurfing: Haiku Plantation Home in Maui Hawaii - 09/14/11 12:11 PM
If you had a list of exotic places to list, Haiku Maui would have to be one.  Now if you are looking for charm, then this charming Hawaiian Plantation home would have to be added to the list.
Located in a rural setting, this lovely home has been remodeled inside and out.  New granite counter tops, stone floors, sky lights, new lighting through out the home. Listed at $499,000.
If you are looking for Maui real estate, give me a call.  You can search properties on my site at
If your … (0 comments)

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