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We have hit 200,000 members today!!! That is no small feat. It is only possible due to the work of all of it's members. We have learned together. We have helped each other make money. We have helped each other with tough deals and tough questions. We have all stuck together through one of the mor...
You have found the home that you want to buy. You were able to pick your Realtor. You were able to choose your mortgage lender. So why can't you pick your own appraiser? HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct) This was made active in May, 2009. The idea behind HVCC is to remove any influence on the...
Kick your bad habit day! What is your bad habit? We all have a few. Many of us don't even realize we have it until it is pointed out to us. Here is a quick list of the top bad habits out there. See, you are not alone!   Bad Hygiene Habits   Burping. Picking your nose. Passing gas. Not picking up ...
National clean off your desk day Look at that mess. You have files everywhere. You have phone numbers written down on sticky notes. Random facts and figures with no idea of where they belong. TIME TO CLEAN IT UP!!! Welcome to Nation Clean Off Your Desk Day! The one day a year put aside to get thi...
We all like going to the movies. It is even better when we can go for free. It is even better than that when we can go to an early preview of an upcoming mpvie. This movie is already generating Oscar hype. Come check it out and see it for free!       Click on the movie poster to get a free pass f...
Happy Monday! Here is a list of great fun things to do around town this week. If you have somethinf that we missed, let me know!  01/10/2011 - PITCHAPALOOZA: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: PITCHAPALOOZA is the American Idol for books. Bring your book pitch to a panel of judge...
Universal Letter Writing Week We all love to get a personal note in the mail. A quick note to say "Hi" or a letter from an old friend that brings you up to speed. Who can forget the little notes that Mom used to put in your lunch bag? However, when was the last time you sat down and wrote a lette...
Learn To Ski Day   Living in Colorado, I love to ski. I am very fortunate to have the slopes a little over an hour away. As I was looking onlione today, I found that today is National Learn to Ski Day! For those of you who want to snowboard, that's ok as well! :) I have included a list of great s...
It is that time again - The National western Stock show has returned to Denver! It is running from January 8, 2011 through January 23, 2011 and is located at the National western Complex. For directions, click here.   As always the National Western Stock show has a great long list of events. Ther...
When I started blogging on AR, I saw it as another chore. But, I was going to give it a shot. Because, who knows right? Then, I received my first leads from fellow Rainmakers. I had a few that I gave to others. I had seen the light. Now, I make sure to get on this site every day for a few minutes...

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