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I discovered this web site over the weekend. I tried it on my own home and it seemed fairly accurate. But obviously you have to be your own judge. It has been going a little while, Zillow when it first launched was inaccurate and it has steadily got better, this might also have improved.The site ...
I discovered this page on the internet yesterday, when I was stumbling around, I explained a little about stumbling on my post How to Say I love you. Anyway I now understand a little why Trudy and I have so many communication breakdowns and misunderstandings, and I have to say our most serious ar...
OK, so my sons some time back introduced me to Stumble, it attaches to your browser toolbar and when you might be bored you click on it and it will pull up sites on the internet you might never ever find. Some are great, some are good, and some...well don't bother. But you can alter the settings ...
An article in the Local Daily News pointed out that Paoli is working to be pedestrian friendly. The Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors held a public hearing to consider adopting changes to the zoning ordinances aimed at turning Paoli into more of a town center. Supervisors propose creating two zonin...
I don't remember who sent these to me originally or where they got them from, but I know they made me laugh, from the mouths of children. Enjoy. Children in Church A little child in church for the first time watched as the ushers passed the offering plates. When they neared the pew where he sat, ...
The linked article was written by E. A. "Sandy" Dixon, Jr. Esquire on Mechanic's Lien Law for the Pennsylvania Bar Association Quarterly; Sandy is a member of the Realtor Lawyer Council of Suburban West Realtors Association.It may give you too much information, but it is very useful. Pennsylvania...
I was reading the email from my son last night, you can see his story if you go to Our son was mightily blessed this week, and it got me thinking. He mentioned in his email last night that he gets back to his room at the end of his day, starting at 05.15 am and ending about 4.00 pm and goes throu...
I was just reading the post by Debbie Malone about her husband falling off the roof and it brought to mind all the times "things" have happened to me.We moved here from the UK almost 17 years ago, no sooner did we arrive than my business went belly up and being here on an entrepreneur visa, getti...
I have spent the last couple of days visiting Harrisburg for a Government Affairs Seminar sponsored by the state association, PAR. I found it very interesting and intend to post some blogs over the next few days on different issues. However, what had motivated me to go and become more involved wa...
Yes, you read that headline correctly, but there are some key provisions according to the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, so read on.Firstly the idea is to help those most unable to buy a home and give them some relief from 80-20 mortgages to avoid PMI.Key Provisions:Applies only to mortgag...

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