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Are you connected? I was clearing snow yesterday and stopped to listen to the silence from the snow and looked at the oak trees beside our drive. They look pretty stark right now, cold and windblown with snow clinging to their sides. In the summer though they provide us with shade, and all year l...
Confused, not sure which way to go? I totally understand, many of our clients feel this way when they first come to us looking to buy a home on Philadelphia's Main Line for a variety of reasons. They are relocating from  a city where prices frankly are not as high on the Main Line. When we first ...
Main Line condominium buyers need help with your credit? Condominiums are very popular with first time buyers on the Main Line because they generally have lower prices, maintenance is mainly covered under the condominium fee as often are many of the utility costs depending on the development. Whi...
Are you seeing and hearing what you think you are? Our thoughts come at us like water flowing over a waterfall. We make quick decisions, because that is the type of people we are. We see or hear about a situation and we respond. We look at a photo or see a couple sitting in a restaurant and decid...
Frequently Asked Question: Why do I need a pre-approval before seeing homes? We get many phone calls from customers who want to see a home. Many of these people have no relationship with any agent and do not understand the main line real estate process for buying a home. They just want to see a h...
Frequently Asked Question: How much money do we need? One of the most often asked questions from home buyers we hear is "How much money do we need to buy a home?"  Yes, there have been lots of different mortgage products that cater to those buyers with little money for a deposit. And it has just ...
Old Forge Crossing Sales data for 2014 2014 saw twenty two sales of homes in Old Forge Crossing and condominium development in Devon, PA, Tredyffrin Township. These range from 1 bedroom apartments to 2 bedroom town homes. Some of the second floor apartments have a den over the stairway which adds...
Frequently asked question: Who pays you? One of the questions we get often is who pays you? Many consumers are aware that a real estate agent gets paid and it is a percentage of the purchase price of the home but is there a difference if you are a seller or a a buyer? Many buyers still believe th...
It's cold outside but we are making progress New construction goes through many phases and sometimes it is hard to see progress. As an agent you often don't know when is the best time to reveal to the public. Too early and you can put people off who can not envisage the finished product. Too late...
Frequently Asked Question: Do you reduce your commission? Real estate is this funny business where customers want to hire you but before they do they want you to reduce how much your are going to be paid. I don't know how many of my clients' bosses ask them to reduce their take home pay before ta...

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