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Some thoughts and ideas about Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line Real Estate that might help you when you buy or sell.



We just sold a Tredyffrin Easttown Old Forge Crossing 1 bed condo with a den, bathroom and balcony this month. Now we have  a luxurious 2 bed 2 bath Old Forge Crossing condo on the second floor coming to market soon.Don't you just love it when the email dings and a past client lets you know they ...
Last year I struck up a conversation with Paul Dangel a local beekeeper. This is the third video in a series on the three W's of beekeeping. Why keep bees? Where can you keep bees? Who should and shouldn't keep bees?  To see other parts of the series, follow these links:Part 1 of the Series, What...
We are continuing our series on keeping bees in Tredyffrin Easttown with Paul Dangel a local beekeeper.Before you spend any money one of the things you need to consider is where you will keep your bees. Bees have their own requirements as well as needing to consider your neighbors needs as well.T...
It is a grey, dreary, damp, rainy and misty day here in Berwyn PA. It reminds me of a quote that above the clouds it is sunny. As I look up, I realize that as you rise through those clouds it gets lighter till you break through and you see sun and blue skies all alround you.Also if you look down ...
Every day I drive through Berwyn I love to see our Veterans' Monument. I love that it is right in the heart of the community so we never forget those who paid the price for our freedom.I also love the design, the flag hangs from an arch which replicates the front of a Conestoga Wagon, many of whi...
Last year I struck up a conversation with Paul Dangel a local beekeeper. This is the first video in a series on the three W's of beekeeping. Why keep bees? Who should and shouldn't keep bees? Where can you keep bees?We spent a fascinating time filming this today, and in this first video you get a...
January has started off with a bang!Both Tredyffrin Easttown homes we featured in our last video above are under contract with February settlements.The Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate market is busy with plenty of buyers looking for homes. We are actively looking for new listings so if you want y...
How do we assemble your Tredyffrin Easttown competitive market analysis? Many people use the word comparative, however that makes your home just another commodity. Which it is not!  When we prepare your competitive market analysis we are preparing you for what it will take to make your Tredyffrin...
I know it is hard, but just for a moment lay aside your Eagles fever. We have another week and half to build up steam for the game, so don't worry.Wednesday evening Michael Morrison will be in Berwyn, you can learn about The History of The Devon Inn and The Devon Horse Show. You may never have he...
I had clients  who wanted to see some homes yesterday afternoon. I tried to set up appointments on Saturday for Sunday afternoon. However, every home we asked for an appointment, was rejected.Everyone in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs was focused on the two football games being played.I...

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