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Some thoughts and ideas about Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line Real Estate that might help you when you buy or sell.



In cold weather many buyers stay home in the warm. But this is great weather to look for homes and get an advantage over those who don't venture out. But you need a realtor who is not afraid of the cold.Thursday is hiking day, well every day is hiking day. But Thursdays the Appalachian Mountain C...
The Friends of Easttown Library announce the Fifth Annual Bond and Beyond Film Festival with a great array of movies and a chance to hear from Dr. Robert Kodosky, History Chair of West Chester University. Check out the trailers below and get yourself a movie pass available from February 1st at th...
Asking yourself if what you do sparks joy for you can change your life as it is a chance to redirect your life.Does it spark joy has become synonymous with Marie Kondo the new celebrity on Tidying up and organizing your home and ultimately your life. But it is a question which can be applied to e...
If you have kids, no doubt they love dinosaurs. Heck, maybe you love dinosaurs. Well this event over the weekend, just up the road to Tredyffrin Easttown is a must see. Jurassic Quest!As their website states experience living, breathing even walking dinosaurs. I know my kids loved dinosaurs. they...
Thinking of buying a home or 1-4 unit building as an investment in the Main Line or Tredyffrin Easttown area. How do you do that you might wonder? Am I using my own money, or can I borrow the funds to do that? This post below by Rob Spinosa is an excellent primer on the subject. Watch the video o...
Real estate is often said to be all about location, location, location. I was reading something this morning which was talking about perspective and seeing things from a different perspective or view. It got me to thinking about changing your view or your location. I realize also how we talk abou...
Last night we visited Hakata Ramen and Sushi in the Gateway Shopping Plaza in Tredyffrin Easttown. Here is what we thought.This is a new restaurant, locally owned and the first Ramen restaurant in Tredyffrin Easttown. It is a BYOB, with pretty modern decor although there were some interesting des...
Walking is such a basic thing, we can take it for granted. There are many people who suffer disabilities or due to ill health don't have the ability to walk. But for those who do and live in Tredyffrin Easttown you have a lot of options for places to walk. Some of the trails which are paved are a...
Usually the term waterfront property is an attractive term. Here it takes on a whole new meaning. When I was walking the Camino Portugues last year I passed this house next to a river. My first thought was who would buy a home with water running through or underneath it. It was not the only home ...
This story has been adapted to not reveal those mentioned. It is not located in PA or on the Main Line but it does contain a good moral worth remembering.A client loved a particular home. They made an offer and their offer was accepted. It was an estate selling the home as is. Home inspections we...

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