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Some thoughts and ideas about Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line Real Estate that might help you when you buy or sell.



Yesterday I took you back to a British group, the Beatles, today let's visit with some American singers from the 60's.   Quality of this next video is not great, but I think you will know who it is when you hear his voice.   This gets harder day by day, there is just so many wonderful singers, ba...
This group have been mentioned by countless comentators so today we will do an anthology of their work beginning with Yesterday, played live here in Germany, just look how formal everyone looks on the stage, with so many people as well.  For those of you who remember them here is an anthology sho...
I shared recently how one of my clients asked me to step in when they had made the mistake to use another broker and the home although it sold failed to appraise. On reviewing everything it didn't make sense as the comps were defintiely there for the home.Anyway, we re-listed the home for a highe...
I read this interesting post by Kimberly Button yesterday and noted that a great way to avoid this is to avoid new furniture altogether, which is often expensive, has a large carbon footprint and purchase antique pieces. There are several reasons why I put this idea forward. Firstly, modern piece...
I thought after the classic rock from yesterday, we might return to some classic music. I shared a couple of Sundays ago several versions songs featuring Hallelujah. But showing my ignorance here, had not realized Mozart did an arrangement of Handel's Messiah. This is the Mozart version to get yo...
Often how you look at a problem will lead you to the answer. After Roger Bannister ran a mile in under 4 minutes many others now felt it could be done and achieved similar results. If we believe someone like ourselves can achieve something we want to attain, we will be able in our minds to overco...
High energy start to the week. Get ready to dance. I thought you might need a little bit of an energy boost this morning. So turn up the volume as we have some classic rock and roll starting with a Whole lotta love by Led Zeppelin.   We cannot have rock and roll with out the Rolling Stones, here ...
I can walk into Valley Forge National Park from where I live, there are multiple trails I can use. I have always loved this place ever since we moved here from the UK, even if it is a symbol of the Revolution against the King of England. I love the wide open spaces, but I have come to love all th...
Today, I am taking my inspiration from the movies, enjoy. I was reading as I got these clips together a comment on this first one...Women cry watching Titanic, Men cry watching Gladiator! We will be free of this pandemic and we will all be free.   One of my favourite movies when I was young was Z...
Saturday mornings were often when my mother had music playing in the house, along with Sundays. One of her favourites was Nat King Cole, after Frank Sinatra of course her true favourite. I chose this song to play at her funeral because she truly was unforgettable.   Then of course as I have menti...

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Some thoughts and ideas about Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line Real Estate that might help you when you buy or sell.