berwyn: 407 Old State Road, Berwyn PA 19312 is now under contract - 06/14/19 07:35 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown School district center hall colonial now under contract. Great location close to Tee Garden township park, where dog lovers are able to off leash their dogs for some doggie socialization. Fenced pathway to children's playlot and bridge to Winston Way and access to neighborhood streets.

This home was totally remodelled in 2016 and only a job transfer brings it to market. These homeowners love the location and all the upgrades made to the home in 2016.
Have a Berwyn or Tredyffrin Easttown home to sell, contact Nick Vandekar, Tredyffrin 
Easttown Realtor, Selling the Main Line with Long & … (3 comments)

berwyn: Movies under the stars - 05/29/19 06:02 PM
It is that time of year again, when we hope the rains will hold off long enough to watch a great, classic movie outside under the stars.
Brought to you by Easttown Library and the Berwyn Devon Business Association we have a wonderful selection of classic and family movies for the Summer Season. We kick off the season this Friday May 31st at the Berwyn Paoli Little League Field of Dreams with of course Field of Dreams, what else could it be. The grill will be fired up and drinks are also available so come early, bring a blanket and have some … (14 comments)

berwyn: The name is Bond, James Bond! - Bond and Beyond Movie Festival - 01/30/19 12:09 PM
The Friends of Easttown Library announce the Fifth Annual Bond and Beyond Film Festival with a great array of movies and a chance to hear from Dr. Robert Kodosky, History Chair of West Chester University. Check out the trailers below and get yourself a movie pass available from February 1st at the library or online, 
All proceeds benefit Friends of Easttown Library.
February 21 -24, 2019
Weekend pass $25.00
Individual events $10.00
Sponsored by Eadeh, Commercial Real Estate Leasing.
Movies shown at Easttown Library, 720 First Ave., Berwyn, PA 19312 other than Sunday Bonus Movie
Thursday 6.30 pm Dr. No 1962 - PG 111 minutes
Friday 6.30 pm … (13 comments)

berwyn: Movies under the stars at Easttown Library in Berwyn - 07/21/18 08:49 AM
Last night we got to experience watching a classic Philadelphia movie under the stars behind Easttown Library in Berwyn. Sponsored by the Berwyn Devon Business Association, this is just one of the many community events the association sponsors, it was well attended on a cool Summer evening with many people wearing coats and sweaters to ward off the breeze blowing across the field. It also gave us all the chance to see three planets lining up in a row just below the rising moon, thankfully I heard about that on NPR ealier in the week so knew to look for it and the … (11 comments)

berwyn: How Much House Can I Afford? What Every Homebuyer Needs to Know - 05/14/18 10:34 AM
How Much House Can I Afford In Tredyffrin Easttown PA?
This is a great article I want to share with you, it goes into the ins and outs of not only mortgage affordability but also the costs that come after owning a home? We discuss with our buyer clientsd all the costs associated with buying and how it will impact the way they live their lives in Tredyffrin Easttown and along the Main Line. This is not a cheap area, and if you like eating out you may need to curtail that once you own a home. Maintenance costs of owning a … (2 comments)

berwyn: 444 Chandlee Drive, Berwyn PA 19312 - SOLD - 05/11/18 09:18 AM
After being on the lookout for about 18 months our Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate buyer was ready when 444 Chandlee Drive, Berwyn PA 19312 in Waynesbrooke East had a recent price reduction. She was educated, prepared and understood what it might take to win a bidding war. Today we settled and 444 Chandlee Drive in Berwyn PA 19312 has a new owner.
It was a delight to work with the listing agent Kathie Bushey, who I have known for a long time as we worked through several home owners association responsibilities that arose from the home inspection and she was wonderful. As … (10 comments)

berwyn: Almost Speechless Wednesday - 03/21/18 08:14 AM

It is Spring, it is snowing all day, and we are rapidly running out of wood. Thank goodness my son who lives nearby has a decent pile still, we restocked yesterday.

berwyn: Some days things just don't align! - 02/16/18 10:51 AM
The past few weeks I have had issues with my back, and one of my hips. I have spent some time visiting my chiropractor. As we get things aligned, something else seems to slide out.
This morning I was in a lot of pain as I went to work out and realized, using the elliptical was not going to happen, so stepped over to the treadmill and chose some low settings I thought I would be able to complete. Ironically I was listening to an interview with a practitioner of movement. I need to study that a little more.
Well after a shower, … (30 comments)

berwyn: Is it good enough? - 02/15/18 09:23 AM
First impressions count, this is true especially when marketing your Tredyffrin Easttown home for sale. But more than this is also the need for exposure not just in numbers but in reaching the right audience. Today, many of the buyers are looking for video, not slide shows of homes.
When I first began to venture into using video and being bold enough to step out from behind the camera to in front I was very critical. Critical of myself, my ums and errs, stumbles etc. Much of what I read online encouraged you to press on, to not wait to be perfect, … (24 comments)

berwyn: In January we raised $200! - 01/30/18 08:42 AM
One of our aims this year is to make a donation of $100 with each home sale to Surrey Services for Seniors. So in January we raised $200.
We obviously want to raise much more than that during 2018. So we want to encourage you to list your home with us this year, there is a significant lack of inventory in our area and plenty of home buyers looking for homes. Many of those currently on the market have been on for longer than 100 days and buyers are waiting patiently for home owners to list.
Likewise, if you are looking for a home, … (12 comments)

berwyn: Just another thing to love about Berwyn! - 01/26/18 02:52 PM
Every day I drive through Berwyn I love to see our Veterans' Monument. I love that it is right in the heart of the community so we never forget those who paid the price for our freedom.
I also love the design, the flag hangs from an arch which replicates the front of a Conestoga Wagon, many of which passed through the township in years past, and yet it has a very futuristic feel as well. So, in one design there is a nod to the past and a look to the future. Hopefully we will reach a time when no more … (6 comments)

berwyn: What is your why for keeping bees? - 01/25/18 01:48 PM
Last year I struck up a conversation with Paul Dangel a local beekeeper. This is the first video in a series on the three W's of beekeeping. Why keep bees? Who should and shouldn't keep bees? Where can you keep bees?
We spent a fascinating time filming this today, and in this first video you get a quick glimpse of our cat Max who decided to put in an appearance. I split this up into different segments to keep them as short as possible but we covered lots of related topics. 
We could have talked for hours and I am looking forward to … (10 comments)

berwyn: Lay aside your Eagles fever for a moment - 01/23/18 01:49 PM
I know it is hard, but just for a moment lay aside your Eagles fever. We have another week and half to build up steam for the game, so don't worry.
Wednesday evening Michael Morrison will be in Berwyn, you can learn about The History of The Devon Inn and The Devon Horse Show. You may never have heard of the Devon Inn, the photo above is from 1908 or how TheDevon Horse show began, but you will know a lot more by attending this event at Kramer Drive Paper and Design, 575 Lancaster Avenue in the heart of Berwyn, plentiful parking … (19 comments)

berwyn: It may feel like Winter but there is plenty to enjoy - 12/14/17 09:14 AM
Winter definitely feels as if it has arrived, with cold temperatures and snow on the ground. It makes you feel like staying indoors by a fire. But there are plenty of things you can do close to Tredyffrin Easttown to enjoy the season.
Typically there are all the decorations up in villages and towns along the Main Line as well as people's house decorations as well. But a quick trip into Philadelphia using SEPTA allows you to visit the Christmas Market set up around City Hall. Having just got back from Germany where we saw multiple Christmas Markets the Philadelphia Version is a … (5 comments)

berwyn: How I manage to be in more than one place at the same time - 09/13/17 11:25 AM
First an email, then a text and a phone call, now a client
Video does it's job!
The Email
Sunday afternoon I got home after hosting an open house on one of my listings. Checking my email I saw one asking about some Tredyffrin Easttown new construction real estate I  mentioned in a recent blog post and video on New Construction in Berwyn.
The person had some questions, could I answer them? After a little clarification to make sure I was not stepping on another agent's toes I responded to her questions.
The Text
Then I get a text on Monday, am I available to talk. Of … (11 comments)

berwyn: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate buying new construction - 06/29/17 12:01 PM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - Buying New Construction
New construction is desirable to many buyers, but it comes at a cost in a built up area like ours where land is limited. The Main Line, Tredyffrin Easttown area is not like Charlotte NC which seems to discover new land every time you turn around for development. Here we have established neighborhoods, towns and villages.
If a large estate or part of one comes up for sale then we have an opportunity for new construction as we have seen with the Dupont Estate in Newtown Square, Liseter marketed by Toll Bros. who are very active in … (15 comments)

berwyn: This week in Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - 06/10/17 06:21 AM
This week in Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate 
This is the height of the real estate spring season, we are seeing more homes coming to market as the weather improves and school draws to an end. What is left of the Spring selling season is short as families get ready for vacations, summer camps and going to the shore for the week or the weekend. 
This past week saw 19 new homes listed for sale from a 1 bed 1 bath apartment for $124,900 to a 5 bed 7 bath home for $1.895 million.
5 homes went Pending this week 2 of which came on the … (8 comments)

berwyn: Wordless Wednesday - 05/10/17 11:19 AM
It's that time of year in Tredyffrin Easttown, the flowers are starting to bloom in Berwyn PA and we can be fascinated by nature once again
We have irises and japanese irises in our yard, I love both...
If you need help finding a place where you can bloom, contact Nick Vandekar, Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.,, office 610-225-7400, cell or text 610-203-4543.

berwyn: Easttown Easter Egg Hunt 2017 - 04/07/17 10:35 AM

If the weather co-operates Easttown Township will welcome kids to Frank Johnson Park this Saturday April 8, Sunday April 9 is the rain date. The Frank Johnson township park is located in the village of Berwyn at 122 Bridge Avenue. Children can hunt for thousands of hidden eggs that are waiting to be found so they can reveal the surprises inside.
The event begins at 11.00 AM so children bring your baskets and be ready to look high and low. There is no cost for participation in this event.
If you are trying to find a home in Tredyffrin Easttown right now, it … (9 comments)

berwyn: Tredyffrin Easttown Business Owners Meeting - 03/07/17 02:20 PM
Tredyffrin Easttown Business Owners
Berwyn Devon Business Association is holding their monthly meeting at the Berwyn Tavern on Lancaster Ave in Berwyn Wednesday march 8th 6-8 pm. 
The meeting will be styled as a Happy Hour with a great chance to meet and network with other local business owners. Being close to St. Patrick's Day I am sure this meeting will have some Irish overtones to it.
The Berwyn Business Association also has a community site which you can reach by clicking here.
The business association has been meeting for over 30 years and started out above an Italian Restaurant in Devon, which unfortunately is … (5 comments)

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