buying a home: Giving you the confidence to make the right decisions! - 05/09/24 09:14 AM
People buying and selling homes on the Main Line and in Chester County have a choice of agents to use. There are many different reasons why people work with one specific agent. It may be via a recommendation, or a referral from family and friends. They may have found reviews online. Ultimately, you need to like the person you are going to be working with and trust them. So why choose Nick Vandekar? Below I offer up some reasons and follow this up with some past client testimonials.
Concierge Real Estate Services 
I make buying and selling Real Estate An Amazing Experience 
Full Time … (22 comments)

buying a home: Sometimes you just have to be patient. - 03/09/24 01:00 PM
“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
A long, long time ago, it feels that way at least, I dug some holes in our yard and planted several tulip bulbs around our front walkway. Tulips need to be exposed to the cold  and have to overwinter in the ground, preferably planted in the fall.
“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”― Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die
Well, then you have to wait, and wait, through the end … (36 comments)

buying a home: What is love? - 02/14/24 12:12 PM
Yes, here we are on Valentine's Day again, it feels a little like Groundhog Day, it just keeps coming round and round. But, have you ever really considered what is love?
Love is an emotion, sure, but we use the word loosely. We love our parents, our lover, our spouse, our kids, our grandkids, our pets, our cars, our home, our favorite food, our favorite book or movie, even our jobs.
Do we love them all in the same way? Certainly not, but we use the same word, love.
Certain songs move us, that we say, I love this song. Here is a Youtube … (21 comments)

buying a home: Why a buyer consultation is even more important today - 02/08/24 07:21 AM
Real estate is changing, it may not be obvious to everyone, but not only has the market changed the last few years with less inventory and rising home prices as well as rising interest rates but the rash of lawsuits is causing agents and brokers to examine how they do business.
Whilst you would never list a home without a listing contract, many agents have worked with buyers without a buyer representation contract. The plethora of lead sites, Zillow, Realtor etc., have caused many agents to turn up at homes to open the door to people they have never met and do … (12 comments)

buying a home: Simplify your real estate journey with the tools used by the pros! - 04/05/23 11:21 AM
The Best Listing Info
Nestfully listings come straight from the MLS, the ultimate source for fresh and accurate listing data. (It’s where agents get their information!)
Search Your Way
Customize a search using tons of available filters to make it simple to find your dream home.
Explore the Market
View listing and sales stats to help you make the most informed choices!
Find Out How Much Your Home Is Worth
Sellers, don’t sell yourself short! Get a data-driven estimate of your home’s value on Nestfully.
Welcome to the Open Marketplace
The MLS champions fair and equal access to housing for everyone. Nestfully opens the door to that marketplace and invites … (11 comments)

buying a home: Who makes the decisions during as real estate transaction? - 02/14/23 08:32 AM
Many people it seems are confused who actually makes the decisions during a real estate transaction, this includes clients and other agents. It definitely is not the tomb warrior in the picture above as wise as he looks.
Many, many times I have clients ask me what I would do, or what they should do? This includes how much to offer, when to make an offer, what to do as a result of a home inspection etc.
There are many decisions the client makes during a real estate transaction. I educate my clients throughout the process, asking questions to make sure they understand … (5 comments)

buying a home: 7 Things most likely to happen when buying a home! - 02/01/23 09:03 AM
Here are 7 things most likely to happen when buying a home and what not to do!
As much as you want to let all your friends and family know about the purchase of your new home on Facebook and every other social media site - Do not post anything before settlement.
The property might not appraise at what you are purchasing it for. With rapidly rising prices due to very low inventory appraisers who only look backwards in time for their supporting comparable values might not keep up with the market. So be prepared.
You will become irritated by all the demands for … (11 comments)

buying a home: What it means to own a home? - 01/04/23 06:56 AM
What does it mean to own a home?
Owning a home is far more than just being responsible for a mortgage and taxes and maintenance. Yes, it is all those things too, but what does it mean to own your own home?
Well, I cannot answer for you, but I want to suggest what it has meant for me over the years. I bought my first home when I was 22 years old, newly married and living in England. At that time and maybe today, mortgage rates floated in England, they were tied to an index rate from the Bank of England and … (19 comments)

buying a home: Is an ARM right for you when buying a home? - 10/06/22 07:53 AM
Buying a home over the last few years has been extremely challenging. With low inventory, rapidly rising prices, multiple offers, etc. it is amazing anyone was able to not only find a home but able to get an offer accepted.
Right now things are improving, inventory is increasing slowly, prices are levelling off slightly, and buyers are able to make offers again that include inspections and or other contingencies as well.
But, we still have a major hurdle right now. Rising interest rates.So what are buyers to do when interest rates have increased from 2.7% this time last year to approaching 7% for … (16 comments)

buying a home: Slow but steady! - 09/21/22 11:08 AM
With COVID we all gained new skills, or improved on ones we were already using. I am becoming quite adept at making video tours of listings. I always do them for my own listings, not that they sell the house, but it helps to differentiate me from other agents. Facebook open houses can be fun as well, I had one client host an open house on Facebook when we were all but shut down for in person showings. She did a great job and we had several people on line watching.
Well, recently I have a relocation client who lives out of … (19 comments)

buying a home: How easy it is! - 08/01/22 02:07 PM
When was the last time that you moved? Do you remember all the headaches, struggles, problems you overcame! I bet not, because it is so easy to forget. We remember the good times, the fun times, those moments that make us smile.
We do not actively seek out the pain points. But, as a Realtor helping clients move, buy and sell real estate it is good to remember the pain points, so we can warn our clients of the frustrations that can lie ahead and how they can be avoided.
For example, mortgage companies can drive you totally crazy with their requests for … (21 comments)

buying a home: Other costs associated with buying a house! - 03/04/22 08:01 AM
Lots of people think the only amount of money they need to buy a house is the down payment. But, there are many other costs associated with buying a house, inspections, insurance, appraisal, and many more. Our video with Shawn DeAngelo of Prosperity Home Mortgage today addresses some of these more fully.
Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check the bell to be notified of when we post new videos.
Let us know what other home buying subjects you have questions about.
Check out our video on How Much Money do I need to buy a house? and What help is … (9 comments)

buying a home: 5 things that affect your credit score - 02/23/21 11:14 AM
This week Shawn DeAngelo of Prosperity Home Mortgage and I discuss five things that affect your credit score and your ability to qualify for a mortgage and get a great rate at the same time. Check out the video of our conversation and don't despair if you have some negative events in your life, we discuss those as well and be aware you may still be able to qualify for a mortgage even after a bankruptcy.
For mortgage help contact Shawn DeAngelo of Prosperity Home Mortgage at 484-297-2192 or 
Buying or selling on or around the Main Line, contact Nick Vandekar, Selling … (4 comments)

buying a home: A conversation about mortgages and buyer behaviours - 02/16/21 11:58 AM
We all know what we should do, most of us though, don't do what we know we should or we even sometimes do the opposite. Where a mortgage is concerned that can be disasterous if you want to buy a home.
I had a conversation with Shawn DeAngelo of Prosperity Home Mortgages this week about some do's and don'ts when applying for a mortgage, watch our video, admittedly a litte long but packed with information and share any that you can think of that might derail a mortgage in the comments.
Interested in buying a Main Line home, contact Nick Vandekar, Selling the … (9 comments)

buying a home: How to make your offer stand out in today's market - 02/05/21 10:54 AM
We all know that in today's hot, hot buyer's market that an offer needs to stand out and be a little different. Prosperity Home Mortgage has been offering a great product the Propserity Buyers' Advantage; this is a program where buyers get fully approved for a loan, barring the appraisal and the title work. All paperwork from the buyer is reviewed by an underwriter and a commitment is issued with only the purchase details needing to be completed.
I had a great conversation today with Shawn DeAngelo of Prosperity Home Mortgage about this program and some other things about preapprovals and mortgages. … (7 comments)

buying a home: Sold and Closed 744 Moore Avenue, another happy buyer! - 09/29/20 01:57 PM
Finding the right home is not easy at the best of times. Lack of inventory, moving across the country, learning your way around, looking at homes on line and virtually all made it harder for this client. 
But, after a couple of weeks or arriving in PA, settling down, renting a short term apartment, finding a new car, getting school established for her son, she was ready.
We took a day to tour, we visited ten homes, many we were able to discount right away. I had her son naming them as we left so they would remember them and ranking them as … (18 comments)

buying a home: Valley Forge Park offers so much - 07/16/20 08:30 AM
When I chose to live in Chesterbrook last year I knew access to Valley Forge Park was a big reason why I chose this location. Easy access from my front door to walk in nature. I literally step out my door and start walking along Valley Creek. Almost every day this walk offers me something wonderful to be grateful for seeing.
Last night, as we were returning, I see something swimming in the creek, then realize it is a beaver. I have never seen a beaver other than at the zoo before and definitely not in this area. It was just swimming … (11 comments)

buying a home: 5 Star review - 07/10/20 01:32 PM
Clients who I just helped sell and buy just left this great review about me.

"We have bought 2 and sold 1 house with Nick and it was a pleasure to work with him. We can only recommend to engage with him and let him guide you thru the process(es). He is very responsive and literally always available :-)"khanke2010
As I said earier this week, repeat clients say a lot about you, your level of service and how well you do your job.

buying a home: Tuesday Thoughts - 05/12/20 07:56 AM
As we all sit at home, many may be wondering what is real estate going to look like when things improve and we can begin to get back to normal. What is that new normal going to look like?
Well, like the image to the right, there are a lot of different routes that can be taken.  Most will not lead to the destination you want to arrive at, but if you are careful making your way through the junction you won't get lost and you will arrive at your destination.
During this enforced stay at home period I have managed to bring homes to … (9 comments)

buying a home: Are you known for your value or your price? - 02/03/20 05:43 AM
What makes us different to any other agent? I have been thinking about this a lot in the last week. People who have used our services before return over and over. I have clients I have represented multiple times in numerous transactions because they know what I bring to the table.
When I speak with someone who hasn't used me before, it is a different situation. Maybe someone referred me to them or they found me online, but where they are coming from is somewhere different to past clients. Often they are only interested in how high can I price my home, and what … (30 comments)

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