home selling: Accepting life as it is! - 06/18/19 06:10 AM
I was reading Michael Jacobs post today about Kindness without Borders, a worthy read. As I thought about what he had written and how he mentioned that the practice is an ongoing lesson, I realized my  ongoing lesson is to accept what is. To be present, and without judgment, to stay in flow, without labeling things either good or bad.
We are so quick to jump to a decision that an event is good or bad. We label it and react accordingly. Our emotions rise or fall depending on the label we post upon the event. We then allow our emotions to control how we … (20 comments)

home selling: A great question to ask when interviewing agents - 03/08/19 09:14 AM
How do you select an agent when buying or selling a home? Most people according to research by the National Association of Realtors use the first agent they meet, usually without really knowing anything about them or their business practices.
A second way many people select an agent is to ask friends and family for a referral. This may get them several names, especially if they use social media to ask for a referral. This often leads to a short listing of agents who the buyer or seller will interview based on an arbitrary list of reasons. I like Sam so anyone … (19 comments)

home selling: Tredyffrin Easttown home buying is like finding a bed on the Camino! - 02/15/19 08:01 AM
I walked the Camino de Santiago last year from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostella,the Camino Portugues and then on to Muxia and Finisterra, a distance of 532 miles. What I love about the different Camino routes is the hostels that are along the route for Pilgrims, as the walkers are called because these are all ancient pilgrimage routes.
Each day you have an intention of where and how far you are going to walk. At the end of the day you hope you will be able to find a bed in a hostel, municipal or private, or resort to a hotel. The … (8 comments)

home selling: Who will tell me not to buy? - 01/15/19 08:37 AM
This story has been adapted to not reveal those mentioned. It is not located in PA or on the Main Line but it does contain a good moral worth remembering.
A client loved a particular home. They made an offer and their offer was accepted. It was an estate selling the home as is. Home inspections were arranged. Issues arose.
The home was riddled with mold. Water was getting into the basement.  It was going to take extensive remediation to fix.There were also potential issues with the electrical wiring and the home inspector called for further investigation by an electrical contractor. However the … (31 comments)

home selling: Why isn't your T/E or Main Line home selling? - 01/09/19 08:39 AM
Why isn't your home selling? How to get to SOLD!
Real estate is hot, it is a sellers market, we have all heard the reports, there is a lack of inventory and buyers are desperate to find homes. So why isn't your Tredyffrin Easttown, T/E, or Main Line home selling in this market?
As full time Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line Realtors we have seen a change in the market since the summer months. This change happened as we entered June and July. And whilst historically this usually happens, it did not really pick up when September came as it did in the past.
Some … (5 comments)

home selling: Have you made any resolutions for your house! - 01/02/19 08:23 AM
It's that time again! Tredyffrin Easttown homeowners bet you forgot about making any resolutions for your house!
You know the start of the new year when everyone makes personal resolutions, new personal and business goals, a word to live the year by.
That is all well and good on the personal front, we all need to continue to grow. But as a Tredyffrin Easttown home owner have you made or set any resolutions or goals for your home this year?
When you buy a home, it is never perfect, whatever we tell ourselves and all our friends. Even those buying multi-million dollar homes … (18 comments)

home selling: What are they offering? - 05/22/18 12:36 PM
Some thoughts on selling houses in this very odd market right now.
Our local Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line real estate market is suffering from low inventory, like many other areas across the country. It is so bad in some townships that finding any comps for listings is well nigh impossible. However, there are large numbers of buyers waiting for homes to be listed and sellers are inundated with offers in a matter of hours. 
But those offers may not be all they seem?
What are they offering? Fair market value or any price, but dependent on it appraising!
Fair market value is what buyer and … (10 comments)

home selling: It is not just about selling homes - 03/17/18 01:41 PM
Most of the time our job is to sell homes, either representing the buyer or the seller. We guide the buyer client through the transaction, we might suggest some local lenders who know the market, so they are approved and in a stronger position when it comes time to make an offer. We sit down and discuss the areas they want to look. We ask them what they are looking for and how they are going to live, are they indoors or outdoors people, with kids without kids, what about pets? All this we use to guide them to the right home. … (14 comments)

home selling: Wherever you are we can help you! - 03/07/18 07:57 AM
Many customers and clients only realize after a simple conversation that you can help them find an agent elsewhere regardless of where they are moving from or to even if on the other side of the world. Large brokers are often members of different referral or relocation networks and as an agent you are asked to use the network to make the referral.
Referrals are nice both ways, receiving one and giving one. 
Receiving you get a warm lead, someone has recommended you and the potential client is open to that. Yes, you are going to give up some of your commission but you … (16 comments)

home selling: In January we raised $200! - 01/30/18 08:42 AM
One of our aims this year is to make a donation of $100 with each home sale to Surrey Services for Seniors. So in January we raised $200.
We obviously want to raise much more than that during 2018. So we want to encourage you to list your home with us this year, there is a significant lack of inventory in our area and plenty of home buyers looking for homes. Many of those currently on the market have been on for longer than 100 days and buyers are waiting patiently for home owners to list.
Likewise, if you are looking for a home, … (12 comments)

home selling: Who should keep bees in Tredyffrin Easttown? - 01/29/18 09:28 AM
Last year I struck up a conversation with Paul Dangel a local beekeeper. This is the third video in a series on the three W's of beekeeping. Why keep bees? Where can you keep bees? Who should and shouldn't keep bees? 
To see other parts of the series, follow these links:
Part 1 of the Series, What is your why for keeping bees?
Part 2 of the Series Are there rules on keeping bees In Tredyffrin Easttown?
Whether you want to keep bees or not we can help you find the right place to live for you and your hives if need be.
Contact Nick Vandekar, Tredyffrin … (8 comments)

home selling: Think about that first impression? - 02/20/17 08:02 AM
I was reading Sharon Tara's post today Creating a Positive first impression- Burden of Proof falls on Sellers which was excellent and well worth reading about the first impression on a buyer. Just click the link, take your time, we'll be here when you get back.
It reminded me of something about 36 or 37 years ago. If you read my posts, you know I grew up in a family of antique dealers and I was an antique dealer as well exhibiting all over the world. At one of these shows, at TEFAF in Maastricht,  a city in the south of Holland, often called … (23 comments)

home selling: Top Staging Tips from Top Stager USA 2017 - 02/06/17 07:43 AM
I listen to a lot of self development and bsuiness advice and encouragement. One of the prime take aways is to do what successful people do if you want to be successful. So, when a top stager lays out her top tips for selling a home it is worth reading and making sure you take notice of what she is saying.
Sometimes as a Realtor we share these things with clients who are listing their home for sale. Hopefully, by posting this information from Kristine Ginsberg it might make a larger impact in the Tredyfrrin Easttown area for those who are wishing to sell their homes … (5 comments)

home selling: I need you to be present at every listing - 07/24/14 12:36 AM
I need you to be present at every listing.
When taking a listing, part of our job requires us to explain to sellers how each demand they make affects a buyer trying to see the house. As was commented in another post by Beth Atalay shoes off is common, and in our area we provide booties to wear over shoes when sellers request this because of new or freshly cleaned carpets.
But, there are several reasons why sellers request an agent to be present. 
They want the agent to sell the buyers on any special features in the house. They believe their … (2 comments)

home selling: But the seller said... - 05/24/14 04:09 AM
Regardless of what a seller or buyer says during negotiations, viewings of a property or anything else relating to the sale of real property it needs to be put in writing. Our Pennsylvania standard form agreement of sale even says this within the contract.
So however nice that little old couple is, "GET IT IN WRITING".

When there is a problem, the contract is what everyone, buyers, sellers, brokers, agents and eventually attorneys and judge will look at to see what it says. If it is not in writing, you are not going to win.
So ALWAYS, get everything agreed … (1 comments)

home selling: Should you or shouldn't you? - 04/28/14 06:46 AM
It is always a point of discussion as to whether you should hold an open house or not when selling your home? In this video, Nick Vandekar, Selling the Main Line, with Long & Foster Real Estate in Devon discusses his viewpoint. 

This opinion relates to regular home sales and not necessarily the entire luxury home market where an open house hosted correctly can still be very effective.
What do you think? Should you or shouldn't you have an Open House?

home selling: There are only three reasons why your home does not sell! - 02/14/13 05:38 AM
There are only three reasons why your home does not sell. That's right three. Even with the worst marketing it comes down to this, of which you can only do something about two of them.
1) Price
2) Condition
3) Location
Obviously you cannot do anything about the location of your home. If it is not in the school district buyers want, or it is located under or within sight of high tension electric wires these are going to affect the sale of your home.
But the other two things, Price and Condition you have the option to improve before you list.
I am amazed at … (1 comments)

home selling: Main Line market report - 10/15/12 05:21 AM
The market for homes on the Main Line outside of Philadelphia is seeing every month a reduction in the inventory of homes available. All this year the supply of homes for sale has been reducing every month. At the beginning of the year it was at a 14 and 15 months supply, this past month it has dropped to just above 8.

We are having a hard time finding homes for clients in some price ranges, and we are hearing of multiple offers on many of the homes going under agreement. Because of this prices have firmed and even risen in … (0 comments)

home selling: Exorcism helps home to sell! - 09/13/12 05:55 AM

I recently had a client bury a St Joseph to help their home sell, did it work, yes, we got the home under contract shortly after she buried the figure and it went through to settlement.
Today I was reading a similar story on a Zillow blog but in addition it mentioned a relocation company using an exorcism to address the issue of the local agents and neighborhood feeling the house was haunted. I know we prayed at the home of one client who also had problems with noises in the house late at night and in the attic rooms, after … (1 comments)

home selling: Great offer for new homeowners - 02/16/11 08:11 AM
Great offer for new homeowners along the Main Line. I recently did a seminar with Deb Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors in Devon at our local Easttown library and was amazed at some of Deb's before and after pictures for projects she has worked on.
Deb has generously offered any clients I refer to her a free intial consultation great for when you have just moved in and a 10% discount on window treatments, one of those things that most new owners need first.
I also added Deb to my list of contractors and other providers of services locally that many … (0 comments)

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