main line: Accepting life as it is! - 06/18/19 06:10 AM
I was reading Michael Jacobs post today about Kindness without Borders, a worthy read. As I thought about what he had written and how he mentioned that the practice is an ongoing lesson, I realized my  ongoing lesson is to accept what is. To be present, and without judgment, to stay in flow, without labeling things either good or bad.
We are so quick to jump to a decision that an event is good or bad. We label it and react accordingly. Our emotions rise or fall depending on the label we post upon the event. We then allow our emotions to control how we … (20 comments)

main line: Home ownership and why it might be right for you! - 06/03/19 07:22 AM
I grew up in the UK, just outside of London, I know I never thought I would not own a home. It just seemed the obvious thing. Even when I left home and rented an apartment it was my brother's who had moved to the States, so I was helping him out by renting, so he could pay the mortgage.
As the saying goes, you are either paying your mortgage or the landlords. It costs money to live in an apartment or a house, and we need to understand that, owning a home is a long term way to build wealth,but sometimes if … (9 comments)

main line: Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge, PA - 03/18/19 10:09 AM

One of the places I like to hike near me is Valley Forge Park. The rolling hills and the open spaces allow you to enjoy the blue skies we so often get, even in the depths of winter. With blue skies, even when cold you get the warmth from the sun. Generally where ever you are in the park, if you are on the walking trail that loops around the park you cannot miss seeing the tower from the Washington Memorial Chapel. I have posted many photos of it over time, on sunny days, foggy days, snowy days as it stands … (8 comments)

main line: It's not for sale or is it? Chester County Antiques Show 2019 - 03/13/19 12:16 PM
What is your response when you are told something that catches your eye is not for sale?
As you know my background was antiques, my family were antiques dealers and we exhibited at many shows around the world. We have many stories about sales and things for sale.
Growing up my father had a good friend who was an antique dealer in Dorset, England. He always had stories about a colleague who had a shop across the road from him.
One went like this. The car was loaded with a drop front desk, lying on its back in the back part of a Volvo … (9 comments)

main line: Tredyffrin Easttown home buying is like finding a bed on the Camino! - 02/15/19 08:01 AM
I walked the Camino de Santiago last year from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostella,the Camino Portugues and then on to Muxia and Finisterra, a distance of 532 miles. What I love about the different Camino routes is the hostels that are along the route for Pilgrims, as the walkers are called because these are all ancient pilgrimage routes.
Each day you have an intention of where and how far you are going to walk. At the end of the day you hope you will be able to find a bed in a hostel, municipal or private, or resort to a hotel. The … (8 comments)

main line: White Clay Creek Preserve and State Park - 02/10/19 07:23 AM
Yesterday I met up with some new friends from a group I have joined who hike regularly. I am finding all sorts of places where you can walk short or long distances. Whilst it is cold and the trees have no leaves right now you can see these will be wonderful places come Spring through the Fall.
We met up yesterday at White Clay Creek Preserve and State Park, which is right on the Pennsylvania Delaware border. When it was mentioned we would have some hills to climb in Delaware there was some joking that there are no hills in Delaware and … (5 comments)

main line: Can you change your view? - 01/22/19 06:34 AM
Real estate is often said to be all about location, location, location. I was reading something this morning which was talking about perspective and seeing things from a different perspective or view. It got me to thinking about changing your view or your location. 
I realize also how we talk about things can change how people view things. I remember when I was at the doctor and discussing some test results a few years ago he presented them as "there is 30% or greater chance this is aggressive". That did not sound good. But later, when I thought about it, I thought so … (41 comments)

main line: Why isn't your T/E or Main Line home selling? - 01/09/19 08:39 AM
Why isn't your home selling? How to get to SOLD!
Real estate is hot, it is a sellers market, we have all heard the reports, there is a lack of inventory and buyers are desperate to find homes. So why isn't your Tredyffrin Easttown, T/E, or Main Line home selling in this market?
As full time Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line Realtors we have seen a change in the market since the summer months. This change happened as we entered June and July. And whilst historically this usually happens, it did not really pick up when September came as it did in the past.
Some … (5 comments)

main line: Another 5 star review for Nick Vandekar - 05/23/18 12:50 PM
We had the pleasure of helping another buyer complete the purchase of their Tredyffrin Easttown home last week.
Located just a few steps away from the Upper Main Line YMCA it is in a glorious quiet location, surrounded by million dollar homes. The original home has had additions and extensions added over time and sits on a flat piece of land. Currently it has 3 beds, but one room had been converted from two and will be changed back to a four bed home. 
We worked with these clients through a period where there is little to no inventory and homes are receiving … (4 comments)

main line: How Much House Can I Afford? What Every Homebuyer Needs to Know - 05/14/18 10:34 AM
How Much House Can I Afford In Tredyffrin Easttown PA?
This is a great article I want to share with you, it goes into the ins and outs of not only mortgage affordability but also the costs that come after owning a home? We discuss with our buyer clientsd all the costs associated with buying and how it will impact the way they live their lives in Tredyffrin Easttown and along the Main Line. This is not a cheap area, and if you like eating out you may need to curtail that once you own a home. Maintenance costs of owning a … (2 comments)

main line: March 2018 Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate Market Report - 03/06/18 03:25 PM
March 2018 Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate Market Report
Homes for Sale
There are currently 170 homes for sale in Tredyffrin Easttown. These homes include apartments, twins, condos and single family homes. 24 of these homes are under contract.
They range in price from $149,900 for a 1 bed 1 bath apartment to $6.5 million for a mansion with 7 beds 8 full baths and 2 powder rooms. 24 of these homes are unbder contract but not yet Pending. There are 6 homespriced in excess of $2 million; 13 homes priced $1.5 - 2 million and 20 homes priced $1 million - 1.5 million of … (5 comments)

main line: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - New Listing - 07/19/17 06:01 PM
Just Listed Main Line Home
Large 4 bed 2 1/2 bath colonial with great flow. Located in a cul de sac in Tredyffrin Township this home sits on just over half an acre with a large flat back yard and an in ground pool. The home has great flow throughout with hard wood floors, 2 wood burning fireplaces and plenty of access to that lovely back yard with sliders to a brick patio and porch.

Home appears to have good bones and is being sold as is, and is in need of some cosmetic updating and rehabbing, but offers builders, contractors and investors … (8 comments)

main line: Tredyffrin Easttown Homeowners use SEPTA - 03/08/17 06:45 AM
When you live in Tredyffrin Easttown how do you get into Center City Philadelphia?
You can drive, but many of those who work and play in Philadelphia use SEPTA our regional rail authority. Check out our video at Berwyn Train Station. This is why the area is called The Main Line because of the train line running from the city to the area that was developed to ship produce into the city and to give those in the city a way to escape the hot summers and travel out to areas in the country where they built country homes.
When buying or selling … (10 comments)

main line: Main Line Secrets - 01/19/17 10:46 AM
Main Line Secrets
This series of posts is about places or events going on that many just are not aware of. Today, this Main Line Realtor wants to share one of our favorite places. It in truth is not that much of a secret to many Main Line residents, but often those from outside of the area may miss it.
Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne is a wonderful English style garden. Originally the estate of Adolph Rosengarten, Sr and his wife Christine it is filled with beautiful natural flowers and trees. You can follow Chanticleer on Facebook. We never leave Chanticleer without some idea for … (2 comments)

main line: Do you buy a new home or sell your current home first? - 01/09/17 01:43 PM
Do you buy a new home or sell your current home first?
In today's real estate market with low inventories at almost all price points other than the $1 million to $2 million range the question asked by many potential home buyers is "Do we buy first or do we sell first?"
It is highly competitive out there buying a house today and for sellers when they list a home there is a big chance they will get multiple offers to select who the next owner of their home might be if it is correctly prepared for sale.
I decided to take this question … (6 comments)

main line: Historical homes - 01/08/17 08:57 AM
Historical homes
In Amsterdam along the canals and side streets almost all the homes are historic. The one in the center here dates from the seventeenth century, it has a date near the top of 1657. Even in those days land was precious and homes were built very narrow. Often so narrow that furniture could not be carried up the stairs to the upper floors. If you look closely you can see high up near the tops of the building what look like pulleys reaching out over the street. With these they would lift furniture to the upper floors and swing them in through … (18 comments)

main line: Main Line condominium buyers need help with your credit? - 01/21/15 05:02 AM
Main Line condominium buyers need help with your credit?
Condominiums are very popular with first time buyers on the Main Line because they generally have lower prices, maintenance is mainly covered under the condominium fee as often are many of the utility costs depending on the development.
Whilst credit is slowly easing, and buyers can get loans with 3% down, one of the biggest challenges for Main Line first time condo buyers is a low credit score for one of many reasons. Credit scores used by the mortgage companies and banks are based on a FICO score, FICO refers to the Fair … (2 comments)

main line: Frequently Asked Question: Why do I need a pre-approval? - 01/15/15 05:24 AM
Frequently Asked Question: Why do I need a pre-approval before seeing homes?
We get many phone calls from customers who want to see a home. Many of these people have no relationship with any agent and do not understand the main line real estate process for buying a home. They just want to see a house they saw that they liked and so they often call the first number they can find.
Our job is not to just show houses. Our time is limited, and therefore we ask those we are going to work with to obtain a mortgage pre-approval for several reasons. … (4 comments)

main line: Frequently Asked Question: How much do you charge? - 01/08/15 03:14 AM
Frequently Asked Question: How much do you charge?
One of the questions we get asked most often by both Main Line Real Estate sellers and buyers is "How much do you charge?"
Well, actually it depends because real estate commissions are negotiable. I jokingly respond "As much as I can get!" But seriously, it can vary on the price of the home, and if you are a buyer or seller. Also you need to understand how the commission is divided between the agents and the brokers as well.
Many people think the agent takes the whole commission and pays it into their bank … (3 comments)

main line: Frequently asked question: What is a seller assist? - 01/06/15 12:54 AM
Frequently asked question: What is a seller assist?
When writing an agreement of sale or as many people refer to it making an offer on a home, there are many different terms, in both senses of the word, to the contract you are drawing up. Terms such as contingencies, and seller assist. All of these terms are negotiable. So as a buyer you draw up an agreement that is favorable to you, but which at the same time is of interest to the seller. During negotiations, some terms of the agreement will be adjusted such as price, deposits, inspection periods and … (1 comments)

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