main line homes: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - SEO - 03/26/18 11:17 AM
At the beginning of the year I decided to develop a niche. I entered the phrase cautiously into Google and hovered over the enter key then closed my eyes and hit ENTER!
The result Nick & Trudy Vandekar #2, on page 1 behind
Phew, all that work since the beginning of the year has paid off. So let me check Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate, same result. I then searched by each township alone, same result although a little different page position for each search.
How did I do it. Consistently linking to my website in blog posts, using those terms in my blog … (6 comments)

main line homes: Do You Really REALLY Love that Home?? - 03/14/18 10:44 AM
Our Tredyffrin Easttown real estate market is very hot right now at all price points. To be successful you need to not only make a winning bid but be pro- active where mortgages are concerned as well. Why not get not just pre-approved but get a full commitment barring the title and appraisal. What does it take simply making a full application and providing all the paperwork required by the mortgage provider. Then when you submit an offer we can make sure the listing agent realizes you are like a cash buyer. But it does require you to provide the lender with … (3 comments)

main line homes: Is your 3 bed Tredyffrin Easttown Home worth more than you think? - 01/16/18 12:33 PM
Is your 3 bed Tredyffrin Easttown home worth more than you think?
There are all sorts of 3 bed homes in Tredyffrin Easttown. Apartments, Twins, town homes, and single family detached homes. Generally prices in Easttown area little higher than Tredyffrin Township. Obviously location, lot and home size and condition of the home affect the asking and sale price. This is why you need a local Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor to advise on pricing.
Currently there are 31 three bedroom homes for sale in the Tredyffrin Easttown School District, these range in price for town homes from $299,900 to $1,090,000. Single homes are priced currently from $ … (9 comments)

main line homes: Starting a wine collection - 11/10/16 02:42 AM
Starting a wine collection
When we first moved here 26 years ago, not that many Americans drank wine, today, almost all do and lots on a daily basis. I was introduced to wine by my father, and learnt a lot about French wines mostly, and when I first tried to impress girlfriends I would buy some of these classic wines, the Chablis, Chateau Neuf du Pape, Burgundies, etc. As I learnt a little more I started drinking Italian, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Australian, South African and American wines. 
When we vacationed we drank local wines, and in Portugal not only did we drink Mateus … (3 comments)

main line homes: Main Line Homes are selling but few are coming on the market - 03/06/15 01:28 AM
Main Line Homes are selling, but few are coming on the market.

The real estate market is strong along the Main Line, however there is a problem. As homes are selling, little or no new homes are being listed and those that are sell quickly. Inventory continues to fall, making buyers act quickly when new listings appear. There is little or no time to think it over if you want to buy a Main Line Home right now. Also those homes that are in "inventory" are homes that have been listed longer and rejected by many buyers. These homes need … (2 comments)

main line homes: Selling a house is easy... - 10/13/14 01:36 AM
Selling a house is easy...
I was reading an article over the weekend how tech companies are trying to set up systems to remove the real estate agent from the transaction and lower costs for the seller. Of course the savings when you delve deeper are more limited.
First you need to hire a photographer, many agents pay for this out of their own pockets, then you need a real estate attorney to handle the paperwork, your agent would naturally handle and provide all the required paperwork for you, and finally if the buyer comes with a buyers agent you need to … (9 comments)

main line homes: Understanding and Living with a Septic System - 09/12/14 02:06 AM
Understanding and Living with a Septic System
Here is an excellent explanation of how a septic system works, originally posted by Ed Silva. If used properly there is no need to fear a septic system. Many homes in our area along the Main Line have septic systems including surprisingly many homes in Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County, and of course out in Chester County it is very common with many having wells also.
If you ever wondered how a septic system works this is a great place to start.

The Basics of a Self Contained Disposal System
For … (0 comments)

main line homes: I've never seen that before. - 07/31/14 05:18 AM
I've never seen that before
In Pennsylvania when you meet a real estate agent for the first time they should present you with a Consumer Notice. This notice is NOT a contract for listing or buyer services. It is a form which explains who works for whom and what services they provide for you. I just wrote a blog about How Confidential is Your Offer? which really explains this very well. The reason you sign this form is because it is a notification and an acknowledgment you have seen it.
What I want to talk about here is if a Philadelphia Main … (5 comments)

main line homes: PA Supreme court makes very clear ruling on murder suicide disclosure - 07/22/14 05:48 AM
PA Supreme Court makes very clear ruling on murder suicide disclosure.
A very high profile case has made its way through the PA court system resulting in a very clear ruling on whether murder suicide needs to be disclosed as a material defect, which is NO, it does not.
The case Milliken v Jacono resulted when soon after moving in the buyers were told the house was the center of a highly publicized murder suicide by a neighbor.
After several rounds of the case moving through the courts and several appeals the case ended up in the Supreme Court, who were … (5 comments)

main line homes: But the seller said... - 05/24/14 04:09 AM
Regardless of what a seller or buyer says during negotiations, viewings of a property or anything else relating to the sale of real property it needs to be put in writing. Our Pennsylvania standard form agreement of sale even says this within the contract.
So however nice that little old couple is, "GET IT IN WRITING".

When there is a problem, the contract is what everyone, buyers, sellers, brokers, agents and eventually attorneys and judge will look at to see what it says. If it is not in writing, you are not going to win.
So ALWAYS, get everything agreed … (1 comments)

main line homes: 3 things to do in 2014 before you look for a home on the Main Line - 01/15/14 02:43 AM

You are recently engaged and excited to think that soon you can buy your first home on the Main Line together.
But, before you start looking at Main Line houses on the internet or even physically there are 3 things you can do now to improve your chances of being successful in the competitive sport of house hunting.
1. Check your credit report. There are multiple sites that will give you a credit score today, but you need to realize that this score will not be the same as the one obtained by a mortgage company. Also, whilst giving … (1 comments)

main line homes: Buying a Main Line home - 02/27/13 06:18 AM

Buying your Main Line home begins with deciding first your budget and then in which township you want to live. The Pihladelphia Main Line begins in Lower Merion Township, heads west and north through Radnor, Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships. Not so long ago, many would say it ended in Wayne, then it became Paoli, nowadays many people consider Downingtown the end of the Main Line.
Towns along the Main Line include Merion Station, Bala Cynwyd, Gladwynne, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Rosemont, Villanova, Wayne, Devon, Berwyn, Paoli Malvern, Frazer, Exton and Downingtown.
There are many choices. Within each township people are loyal to … (1 comments)

main line homes: Luxury homes on Main Line notice uptick in sales - 02/25/13 12:32 AM

The real estate market in our area has noticed a  definite uptick in sales since the beginning of the year, and even at the end of 2012. Inventory has dropped and is sitting at a balanced position between buyers and sellers from past statistics. Generally the luxury home market homes priced above $1,000,000 has not improved at the same rate as the rest of the housing market. But since the beginning of the year in Tredyffrin, Easttown and Radnor townships there have been 19 luxury homes sold or marked Pending since January 1st.
This is definitely an increase and I have noticed even the last few … (0 comments)

main line homes: Wall paper with style making an appearance - 10/24/12 05:59 AM
I had read recently that wall paper was making a comeback as people move away from just paint, but had not seen any evidence of this whilst looking at homes with customers or visiting brokers opens till this week. Mostly, what I was seeing was old paper, often peeling at edges and with old fashioned patterns and color ways leaving you with a dated feeling which may be great if you are a TV producer looking for a home in which to film, but for todays buyer a definite turn off.

However, yesterday I visited two homes, both with wallpaper that … (3 comments)

main line homes: Main Line Haunts - 10/23/12 06:41 AM
This time of year everybody it seems has a story to share about a haunted house, I often get asked by clients when they are buying if a house might be haunted, for some it would be an absolute deal breaker, for others something of interest. Often we don't know, but can pass the question along to the owners of the home, in fact there are several cases moving through the courts right now in Pennsylvania to do with events that have happened in a home and whether they should be disclosed. Would you want to know about a haunted house? … (1 comments)

main line homes: The difference between highest priced and expensive - 01/11/12 06:11 AM
People will use the term "that is expensive" very liberally without actually thinking if this is what they really mean. There is a difference between expensive and highest priced. Just because something is highest priced does not necessarily mean it is expensive, if the product is providing value then the cost is irrelevant. You can buy a low-priced product that is expensive because you are continually having to replace it.
Yesterday, I was looking at sales data for the last quarter of 2011 for various townships in our area of the Main Line. In Radnor township the highest priced home to … (1 comments)

main line homes: What does it matter who or what your agent is? - 07/28/11 05:27 AM
Do you ever take notice of who or what you real estate agent actually is, go on, I'll wait take a look at their business card again, how do they describe them self?
Salesperson - Realtor - Associate Broker - Broker - Consultant - Real Estate Agent
Are they part time or full time? Did you ask? How many transactions did they do last year? Do you think it is important to know a little about your agent before you sign a contract with them?
Salesperson - someone who has 60 hours of education and passed the state and national real estate exam … (0 comments)

main line homes: Main Line Homes Market Report - 07/11/11 06:18 AM
We are entering the third quarter of the year, lots of mixed messages being given by national media on the housing market as they report national sales data, with the market halted one month only to be booming the following month. As I have said many times there is only one set of data that is really important and that is your local data. So below is some local data taken from our local MLS for single family homes.
Township            Price per sq ft for homes sold      Average Days on market  Ratio to listed price
Lower Merion              $217 up from prev qtr              … (0 comments)

main line homes: Valley Forge Park just minutes from Main Line neighborhoods - 06/20/11 04:02 AM

Walking through Valley Forge National Park you can get some really wonderful views. When these flowers bloom the view will be even better. We always think of the winter spent in Valley Forge, but forget much longer was spent there training the Revolutionary Army.

You can see examples of cabins throughout the park, but it does not really give the sense of what it must have been like, with so many men, women and probably children running around, horses cantering through to give reports to officers and the continual patrols that were mounted to raise food and keep an … (2 comments)

main line homes: Lyme Disease is increasing - what to watch out for! - 05/12/11 07:07 AM
Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection carried by ticks and transmitted to pets and humans by infected ticks. 2008 saw Pennsylvania with 3818 reported cases and the thinking is that there are many unreported and indiagnosed cases. Chester County being so rural and suburban makes it a prime habitat for ticks whcih can carry the Lyme Disease bacteria.
 photo courtesy of
So what can you do, several things:Wear light colored clothing because ticks are easier to see and brush offWear clothing and a hat that covers the skin and tuck in loose pantsWalk in the center of trails to avoid … (1 comments)

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