main line realtor: 5 Star review for Nick Vandekar - 04/28/20 09:05 AM
I shared recently how one of my clients asked me to step in when they had made the mistake to use another broker and the home although it sold failed to appraise. On reviewing everything it didn't make sense as the comps were defintiely there for the home.
Anyway, we re-listed the home for a higher price, quickly obtained an offer, navigated our way through inspections, negotiations and the second appraisal for a higher price and settled last week. 
Today, my clients posted the following review of me.
"Our experience with Nick has been great! He is very accessible, knowledgeable and very communicative and … (18 comments)

main line realtor: Are you known for your value or your price? - 02/03/20 05:43 AM
What makes us different to any other agent? I have been thinking about this a lot in the last week. People who have used our services before return over and over. I have clients I have represented multiple times in numerous transactions because they know what I bring to the table.
When I speak with someone who hasn't used me before, it is a different situation. Maybe someone referred me to them or they found me online, but where they are coming from is somewhere different to past clients. Often they are only interested in how high can I price my home, and what … (30 comments)

main line realtor: Meet the new Executive director of Jenkins Arboretum in Devon - 01/21/20 05:05 PM

One of the joys of living in the Tredyffrin Easttown part of the Main Line is being able to enjoy Jenkins Arboretum. There is always something going on and the early spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the Azaleas and Rhododendrons for which they are famous.
Recently, a new executive director was appointed, Tom Smarr, and he will be sharing the history of the arboretum at a lecture at Easttown Library, another favourite place of mine located on First Avenue in Berwyn on Tuesday January 28th at 11.00 am. Register here.
The property was originally home to H. Lawrence and Elizabeth Phillipe Jenkins … (4 comments)

main line realtor: Make Your Offer HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY, NOT Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy! - 11/21/19 08:17 AM
This is an excellent post by Candice A. Donofrio from AZ about making offers that are attractive to a seller. Everything in this post is so true that I had to repost it for any Tredyffrin Easttown or Main Line buyers who are not being successful with their purchase offers.
If a house is not selling it is often said it is the price, lower the price and it will sell. Likewise, if your offers are not being accepted, it may be the price, but it also may be the terms you are inserting into the contract. Think like a seller, what is goingto … (6 comments)

main line realtor: Tredyffrin Easttown Sellers don't be an ostrich! - 10/30/19 11:01 AM
Why be an ostrich?
As a Tredyffrin Easttown or Main Line seller it is easy to ignore an issue in your home before you list it for sale. So you are in control of the process and the cost I suggest in many istances to sellers to have a home inspection before listing to identify any major issues and get them fixed before listing .
A home inspection report issue will always cost more than fixing an item before hand due to being on a deadline and having someone else, a buyer,  demand how it is repaired and sometimes demand you need to replace rather … (8 comments)

main line realtor: Open House 209 S Valley Forge Road, Devon 9/29 from 1 to 3 pm - 09/27/19 01:13 PM
Don't miss this Open House, the sellers have just made a major price adjustment and the home is now priced at $699,500, excellent value.
This historic home, has a lovely fenced yard, a wonderful enormous two tier deck excellent for entertaining and enjoying that fenced yard. The home has been updated throughout and is packed with charm and character. 
Great location, just a short distance away is Pour Richards Coffee House, or Starbucks which is also close to Whole Foods. Devon Station is also near by for those who want to commute to Philadelphia.
Check out the video, then stop by and say Hi! I look … (8 comments)

main line realtor: Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society - 09/20/19 08:43 AM
Having a resource like the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society provides a bridge to the past. This 501(c) (3) Not for profit corporation preserves and shares our local history. 
The society hosts public meetings that feature presentations by qualified speakers on a wide variety of subjects. They publish the Tredyffrin Easttown History Quarterly a richly illustrated local history publication provided to members by mail and available for purchase at selected local distributors like Easttown Library. But, probably the gem is the comprehensive website,, this contains a searchable online archive of the History Quarterly and the society's collection of images, as well as in depth … (7 comments)

main line realtor: Another 5 star Review for Nick Vandekar - 09/12/19 08:01 AM
Another 5 Star Review for Nick Vandekar
We recently sold the house at 407 Old State Road, Berwyn, PA 19312, it was a challenging sale as our sellers had moved out of town well before settlement and some issues arose at the buyers walk through. The air conditioning unit had frozen. This required a service call and of course a delay to settlement as the unit had to thaw before it could be repaired. 
The buyers, unfortunately took the opportunity to try and negotiate a very large discount, much more than a new air conditioning unit would cost even, and whilst they continually reduced their … (5 comments)

main line realtor: 407 Old State Road, Berwyn PA 19312 is now under contract - 06/14/19 07:35 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown School district center hall colonial now under contract. Great location close to Tee Garden township park, where dog lovers are able to off leash their dogs for some doggie socialization. Fenced pathway to children's playlot and bridge to Winston Way and access to neighborhood streets.

This home was totally remodelled in 2016 and only a job transfer brings it to market. These homeowners love the location and all the upgrades made to the home in 2016.
Have a Berwyn or Tredyffrin Easttown home to sell, contact Nick Vandekar, Tredyffrin 
Easttown Realtor, Selling the Main Line with Long & … (3 comments)

main line realtor: I cut the strings! - 03/27/19 10:42 AM
About 10 days ago I was listening to a podcast about digital minimalism. It got me thinking and asking questions about my use of social media and my "smart phone".
Does social media make me more social? Does it help me in business? Am I present when I have my phone with me?
I did not find the answers easy and pondered them and thought about them. I am a people person, so I dived into social media. I post everywhere, I enjoy it, I like reading about others and what they do. I caught up with some old friends through Facebook.
But, did … (38 comments)

main line realtor: Are you listening? Tuning out the distractions! - 03/25/19 07:52 AM
No, this is not about listening to people and understanding what they are saying, although it could be. What I am talking about is are you mindful of all the sounds around you?
As I was walking yesterday I realized several times how quiet it was, just the breath of a wind through the trees and there really was very little wind. The occasional sound of bird song or the flap of a wing beat. 
When we are showing homes, people often look at room sizes, views and if the house is close to a major road or train line they mention if the home … (34 comments)

main line realtor: What's holding you back? - 03/21/19 12:04 PM
Many Tredyffrin Easttown home buyers today are frustrated because interest rates are low and they want to buy a home but the number of homes for sale is not keeping up with demand. This being said, many buyers are so used to low interest rates that they are not aware of just how low these rates are and any uptick is making them hold off purchasing as it impacts their buying power.
So let's look at this logically for a minute.
1981 saw mortgage interest rates at 18.63%. Since then they have steadily declined. They hit bottom in 2012 at 3.31% according to … (15 comments)

main line realtor: Glen Onoko Falls Trail - 03/20/19 11:10 AM
There are plenty of beautiful place stro hike close to Tredyffrin Easttown, but if you are willing to drive a little further you can enjoy even more beautiful vistas and hikes. I drove up to Jim Thorpe area yesterday with a friend. The weather was just gorgeous, clear skies a cool temperatures wonderful weather for hiking. We arrived at Lehigh Gorge State Park and made our way to the head of the Glen Onoko Falls Trail. This is a steep and dangerous hike in places, and there are plenty of warning signs as you head out. Whilst not long it is … (8 comments)

main line realtor: Chester County Antiques Show 2019 - 03/18/19 11:50 AM
The Chester County Antiques Show 2019, was this past weekend, benefiting the Chester County Historical Society it is in its 37th year. Held at the Church Farm School it is a great size show with some excellent dealers from the East Coast, New England and Mid Atlantic region. I got to attend the opening night party as my brother was exhibiting and went back briefly on Sunday morning when there was a little more space to see some of the pieces on display.
I have managed and organized the Main Line Antiques Show for many years and several of the dealers used to … (12 comments)

main line realtor: A great question to ask when interviewing agents - 03/08/19 09:14 AM
How do you select an agent when buying or selling a home? Most people according to research by the National Association of Realtors use the first agent they meet, usually without really knowing anything about them or their business practices.
A second way many people select an agent is to ask friends and family for a referral. This may get them several names, especially if they use social media to ask for a referral. This often leads to a short listing of agents who the buyer or seller will interview based on an arbitrary list of reasons. I like Sam so anyone … (19 comments)

main line realtor: Did they mean what you thought you heard? - 02/26/19 12:29 PM
I have been reading a book by Celeste Headlee, We need to talk. Something I read in there, and I will paraphrase: Do not presume that because you are both speaking English you mean the same things with the words you choose and speak.
My wife is from the Netherlands, so automatically I know she is smarter than me because she speaks English very well, plus German, and some French, and of course Dutch. Unfortunately, many English speakers speak well, English and that is it, oh yes, LOUDER ENGLISH as well, because that will help them to be understood. My mother came … (22 comments)

main line realtor: What To Do Before Your Home Stager Comes…7 Tips You Can Use - 02/26/19 10:56 AM
This is an excellent post by Kathy Streib who knows her stuff and has helped a client or two get their home ready for sale. It makes such a difference when a home is staged well and does not always have to cost a fortune. I wish Kathy lived closer and I could have her come advise my clients. But the next bestt hing is to re-post her blogs which are filled with great suggestions for anyone getting ready to meet with a stager.
What To Do Before Your Home Stager Comes…7 Tips You Can Use
When many people think of Home … (3 comments)

main line realtor: Technology or rapport? What is most important in real estate? - 02/22/19 08:41 AM
There is a lot of discussion in real estate circles about technology, AI, data, iBuyer programs, etc. and how this is going to change real estate. Lots of people are pouring money into new technology that is going to disrupt the real estate field. I remember when my wife began in real estate many of the agents in her office said the internet was never going to replace the trusted MLS book. I get it we don't like change.
I wrote a little about this last week when a comment blossomed into a bigger answer than I intended. But, I have been … (41 comments)

main line realtor: Saturday walk in Tredyffrin Easttown - 02/16/19 02:09 PM
Our weather has been topsy turvy in Tredyffrin Easttown, snow and ice earlier in the week, temperatures of 61 degrees yesterday. So with a nice clear blue sky, a rather brisk temperature of 38 degrees and a little time on my hands I grabbed my hiking boots and visited one of my favourite spots.The George Lorrimer Preserve on North Valley Road in Paoli/Malvern. One of the things I love about our area are all the spaces you can walk and get outside and enjoy nature. Buying a home here allows you to enjoy these spaces,national parks, township parks, state parks, private arboretum, … (4 comments)

main line realtor: Tredyffrin Easttown home buying is like finding a bed on the Camino! - 02/15/19 08:01 AM
I walked the Camino de Santiago last year from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostella,the Camino Portugues and then on to Muxia and Finisterra, a distance of 532 miles. What I love about the different Camino routes is the hostels that are along the route for Pilgrims, as the walkers are called because these are all ancient pilgrimage routes.
Each day you have an intention of where and how far you are going to walk. At the end of the day you hope you will be able to find a bed in a hostel, municipal or private, or resort to a hotel. The … (8 comments)

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